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Nimble Internship Opportunities

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Why intern with us?

  • You are interested in startup culture...
  • You bring passion to whatever you do... And expect it back.
  • Growth. Always in all ways.

What Nimble is:

  • Nimble smartly combines your email, social signals, contacts, and tasks in one place, providing insights and organization for your business relationships.
  • A fast-paced SaaS startup in the heart of L.A.’s tech scene, Santa Monica.
  • Backed by investors including Google Ventures and Mark Cuban
At Nimble, we envision a world in which every business relationship is meaningful and mutually beneficial. We focus on helping business professionals build deeper relationships with people that matter to grow your business.

Nimble Internship Opportunities:


Social Media & Influencer Marketing Intern

What we’re looking for: A smart, empathetic, and ambitious student to learn the ins and outs of Social Media Marketing.

What you’ll do: Monitor, manage, and analyze our content marketing and social media marketing strategy. You’ll help with our website and social media optimization, and perform an online outreach and promotion on all our social media accounts.

What you’ll learn: How to build a brand leveraging industry influencers by building mutually beneficial relationships with them. You’ll learn about the power of content marketing and your personal brand.


What’s in it for you:

      • Experience in a high-tech, fast paced startup
      • Course Credit

How to Apply?

Write us at michaela@nimble.com with your resume, a few things you find compelling about Nimble, and a cover letter to help us learn more about you.
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