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Content Director

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How to Apply?

Check out the available positions or submit an open application at careers@nimble.com with your resume and a cover letter telling a little bit about yourself.

Why Work at Nimble?

  • You are interested in startup culture...
  • You bring passion to whatever you do... And expect it back.
  • Growth. Always in all ways.

Content Director

A person who leverages relationships, influencer marketing, editorial acumen, and superior communications skills to produce content in the Nimble voice
www.nimble.com | @nimble

What Nimble is:

  • adjective Quick, Agile, Clever
  • Nimble smartly combines your email, social signals, activities and follow-ups in one place, providing insights and organization for your business relationships.
  • A fast-paced SaaS startup in the heart of L.A.’s tech scene, Santa Monica.
  • Backed by investors including Google Ventures and Mark Cuban

At Nimble, we envision a world in which every business relationship is meaningful and mutually beneficial. We focus on helping business professionals build deeper relationships with people that matter to grow your business.

Core Functions:

  • Setting & Executing a top-notch Editorial Calendar for www.nimble.com/blog
  • Building a community of authors, columnists, and artists to make the blog educational and engaging.
  • Managing and maintaining a WordPress blog -- basic HTML skills, intermediate to advanced knowledge of WordPress
  • Professional copywriting and editing skills
  • Relationship building w >100 Thought Leaders, Writers, Bloggers, and SME’s and databasing them in Nimble app for nurturing campaigns.
  • Understanding trends in Nimble’s areas of promise: Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Customer Service.
  • Creative w/Top-Quality content; Establishing Nimble as a thought leader.
  • Blogging about announcements, tips, best practices and news with a Nimble tone.
  • Wearing of additional hats required as special projects present themselves. (CWEB, working with designers, working with SEO specialist, working with development staff in different time zones).
  • Promoting blog content through multiple social channels.
  • Following and analyzing blog metrics to adjust editorial course.

What this job is NOT:

  • Boring, churn-out-the-content for SEO factory BS.
  • Endless corporate shouting about how great our products are (even if we all know they are).
  • Punch the office-clock, 9-to-5 daze.

What you bring to the table:

The knowledge of a story. How it is best told for maximum benefit of a professional audience. The ability to keep busy people engaged and focused-- and these will simply be the contributors you woo (Woo! Woo!).

A medium sized ego-- enough to earn respect, get sh!t done and make it look easy; But not too much that it’s all you (b/c it won’t be -- you’ll also be ghostwriting for management’s external articles and branding). Oh yeah: Eagerness, fast fingers, and ability to spin plates (on both hands).

Other Tasks:

  • Encourage user reviews on third-party review sites, weekly, based on daily search in Hootsuite for complimentary, enthusiastic users.
  • Maintain database of all press coverage (authors and outlets), in GoogleDoc and in Nimble app.
  • Helping team create drip campaign messaging, strategy, and design.
  • At a minimum, keep a spreadsheet of all Nimble product releases and updates. Assist Marketing team with planning and executing smooth product releases.
  • Support PR agency/team with any information they need to effectively present Nimble to the outside world.
  • Maintain a referencable user list that PR can draw from for press opportunities.
  • Create and maintain boilerplate descriptions of Nimble on the Web, complete with URLs and permission details (for editing).
  • Additional writing assignments might include: ebooks, tutorials, repurposed blog content for marketing use, scripts, surveys, contest entries, award submissions, partner-requested content during integration announcements, landing pages, one-pagers.
  • Encourage team participation in blog content, commenting, and sharing. Help build the brand through helping the team display thought leadership as well as becoming more visible and approachable.
  • Write 24 or more user case studies per year. (Interview, draft, iterate with interviewee, publish)

Request / Warning:

You -- in sunny Santa Monica, daily, drinking in the Nimble Kool-Aid. We keep startup hours. If you don’t know what that means, you’re not a good fit.

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