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Community Builder

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How to Apply?

Check out the available positions or submit an open application at careers@nimble.com with your resume and a cover letter telling a little bit about yourself.

Why Work at Nimble?

  • You are interested in startup culture...
  • You bring passion to whatever you do... And expect it back.
  • Growth. Always in all ways.

Community Builder

A person who naturally engages and understands the ambassadorial role of community management and the wide variety of people they serve.
www.nimble.com | @nimble

What Nimble is:

  • adjective Quick, Agile, Clever
  • Nimble smartly combines your email, social signals, activities and follow-ups in one place, providing insights and organization for your business relationships.
  • A fast-paced SaaS startup in the heart of L.A.’s tech scene, Santa Monica.
  • Backed by investors including Google Ventures and Mark Cuban

At Nimble, we envision a world in which every business relationship is meaningful and mutually beneficial. We focus on helping business professionals build deeper relationships with people that matter to grow your business.

Job Overview:

  • Guarantees congruent messaging, tone, engagement on all social networks.
  • Works with Marketing Team to develop and implement community promotion and engagement strategies and tactics.
  • Monitors discussions, resource postings, and trends within the community. Identifies and reports product trends in usage, feature requests and advises on potential opportunities.
  • Alerts Support Manager and appropriate staff as issues arise and work with staff to resolve issues.
  • Networks with community members and identify influencers, brand advocates and power users.
  • Participates in weekly Twitter chats, LinkedIn Group discussions, Google Hangouts.
  • Actively promotes company at networking events - virtual and local
  • Monitors and measures the success of community engagement (i.e. number of power users, number of discussions, etc.), and provides reports for Marketing Team.

Core Functions:

  1. Social customer service/helpdesk
  2. Community monitoring and moderation
  3. Nurturing engagement – nudging, solicit feedback on product features & corporate content
  4. Share corporate marketing news, events, content and promotion of the community events, news, content
  5. Educate team members on social media best practices and new trends
  6. Metrics and reporting
  7. Identifying industry trends / topical market research

Special projects, such as:

  • Coordinate with Brand Storyteller to develop strong relationships leading to opportunities such as webinars, hangouts, interviews. Organize, promote, and host Webinars and Google Hangouts.
  • Maintain social sites’ appearance, content, and branding
  • Maintain Twitter lists (public and private)

Required Skills:

  • Customer service mindset - desire to delight
  • Understanding that community management is a 24/7 role
  • Intermediate or advanced knowledge of mainstream social networks and tools
  • Diplomacy and tact -- able to talk to anyone -- unfailingly polite -- understands the ambassadorial role of Marketing and the connection to Customer Service and Customer Experience

Request / Warning:

You -- in sunny Santa Monica, CA, daily, drinking in the Nimble Kool-Aid. We keep startup hours. If you don’t know what that means, you’re not a good fit.

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