Digital Postcards: Multimedia Work Tools for Non-Salespeople

As a business owner or solopreneur,  you may feel as if you’re not a sales professional. But “Sales” is not a dirty word! In fact Daniel Pink’s book To Sell Is Human reminds us all that business doesn’t exist without sales, whether you’re selling ideas to your team, to VC’s, or to hot prospects.


A great, simple tool I use to sell — without “selling” — is Storyquest, which I talk about on the video. Postwire is another terrific tool — a way for regular people to build a visually stunning multimedia page — customized for your prospects or customers — to send as an email link that can be shared easily (see below). With smart tools like these, you can crush your sales quota even though you’re not really a sales guy.

Jamie Shanks is Managing Partner at Sales for Life and a leading Subject Matter Expert for Social Selling. Book a call with Jamie on TimeTrade or email him.