Why Do Real Estate Agents Flock to Facebook?

Facebook can be a great tool for those who want to increase their brand exposure and increase their client base. For real estate agents, there are many great reasons why they have flocked to Facebook as a means of finding and communicating with current or potential clients. What are some of the reasons why Facebook has become so popular as a marketing tool for those in real estate?

Lead Generation using Facebook

Reason #1- Facebook Ads are Inexpensive and Effective

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to find a potential client. You only pay for the clicks that your ad receives, which means that you aren’t paying for people to merely see your ad like with a billboard or radio spot. The advertising can also be targeted to those who would be interested in using the services of a particular agent. This means that the potential return on investment can be huge.

Reason #2-Stay in People’s Minds

Creating a Facebook fan page and updating it once or twice a day is easy and effective. Instead of sending out a newsletter once a week or once a month, you can keep people informed and coming back to you for more. This means that you will never be forgotten by those who need your services or know of others who may be able to make use of your services. Even if only a portion of your fan base is looking for a new home, that could still result in thousands of dollars a month in revenue.

Reason #3-Maintain a Professional Image Through Social Media

You can establish yourself as a leading source of information and industry news. This could potentially lead to other gigs in the real estate business such as speaking engagements or other deals that help diversify your income. While these things should be secondary to your goal of finding clients, there are many benefits to establishing yourself as a source whom people are going to trust when they have a question regarding real estate.

Reason #4-Connect on a Personal Basis With Your Clients

While you want to be seen as a professional, you also want to be seen as a person who is approachable. By creating a personal connection with your clients or others who are looking for an agent, there is a greater chance that someone will want to use you as their agent. Remember, people want an agent whom they see as accessible and who cares about the same things that they care about. Therefore, taking time to carefully craft your image can be a boon for your business.

Real estate agents need to do whatever it takes to find clients and increase the number of deals that they can close. Facebook and social media in general have made it easier for all agents to connect with and stay in touch with current or potential clients. By creating a Facebook page for themselves, using Facebook to update clients and to establish themselves as a source, it can be a great way to market without spending a lot of money.