What Sales & Marketing Influencers are Saying about Nimble’s Prospecting Feature

Nimble’s Prospecting Feature

Dozens of sales, marketing, social media and customer experience influencers helped us launch Nimble Prospector, our newest sales intelligence tool that allows you to automatically discover emails, phone numbers, and addresses for all your prospects so you can focus on engagement and cultivating your network.

Our goal is to help people connect more effectively in today’s over-connected and over-communicated world.

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What the Nimble Community Says About Nimble Prospector

Brian Burns, Host & Founder, The B2B Revenue Show
Tweet “Completing contact information’s time consuming & error prone. @Nimble solved this problem!” @BriangBurns

Brian Burns


Jeffrey Gitomer – International Trainer and BestSelling Author, Buy Gitomer
Tweet “#NimbleProspector is f*cking amazing!” ~ @gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer

Neal Schaffer, Social Media Keynote Speaker, Maximize Your Social
Tweet “There is no better way to find relevant information than #NimbleProspector.” @NealSchaffer

Neal Schaffer


Viveka von Rosen, Social Selling Influencer, Co-Founder, Vengreso
Tweet “OMG! I just started using #NimbleProspector & it’s already become indispensable to my #prospecting” @LinkedInExpert

Viveka von Rosen

Wes Schaeffer, CEO, The Sales Whisperer
Tweet “Without @Nimble, I’d easily spend three or four times as long on research” @SalesWhisperer

Wes Schaeffer

Mike Wittenstein, Managing Partner, StoryMiners
Tweet “It’s amazing how much less time I’m spending and how much more I’m getting done using @Nimble ” @mikewittenstein

Mark Wittenstein

Craig Jamieson – Managing Member, Adaptive Business Services
Tweet “#NimbleProspector is a powerful, automatic discovery tool for contacts email addresses…” ~ @CraigMJamieson

Craig Jamieson

Rich Bohn – President/Chief CRM Analyst, Sell More Now LLC
Tweet “Now, instead of searching my brains out, @Nimble just finds the email address for me.” @RichBohn

Rich Bohn


Kurt Shaver – Chief Sales Officer/Cofounder, Vengreso
Tweet “@Nimble’s new Prospector feature gets me the needed contact information fast.” ~ @kurtshaver

Kurt Shaver

Jorge Soto, Co-Founder and CEO, FirstCut.io
Tweet “@Nimble’s the first and only #SocialCRM that truly understands the salesperson’s everyday workflows!” @sotoventures

Jorge Soto

Martin Brossman – Success & Sales Coaching, Martin Brossman & Associates
Tweet @Nimble has just taken its dynamic, social sales & marketing CRM to whole new level w Prospector.“ @martinbrossman

Martin Brossman

Warren Whitlock, Senior Advisor, Guerilla Marketing[Tweet “…the quickest way to boost your results beyond your personal memory is with a #SocialCRM” ~ @WarrenWhitlock

Warren Whitlock

Brian Moran – Founder and CEO, Brian Moran & Associates
Tweet “Nimble’s Prospector measurably raises the bar on #SalesIntelligence & #SalesEnablement tools for #SMB.” @brianmoran

Brian Moran

Randy Tucker – President & CTO, Team Automation
Tweet “I found/reconnected with people which I would not have done without that bump from #NimbleProspector.” ~ @crmhelp

Randy Tucker

Chuck Royer – President/CEO of 1st Call Interactive Marketing, Inc.
Tweet “#NimbleProspector saves incredible amounts of time finding emails & phone numbers.” ~@1CIMMedia

Chuck Royer


 Lori Richardson – President, Score More Sales

Tweet “@Nimble’s new Prospector delivers contact data you need to connect w. buyers” @scoremoresales

Lori Richardson


Simon Hedley, Founding Partner, Chaos To Clarity To Capital
Tweet “#NimbleProspector is an asset to anyone who really wants to focus on building great relationships…” @SimonHedley

Simon Hedley


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Nimble Prospector comes built into every Nimble Business license with 25 lookups per user per month with additional lookups on a pay-as-you-go basis. Prospector fees start at $9.95 for an additional 50 lookups per month and are shared across your entire Nimble team account.

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