What Do You Need To Achieve Twitter Success?

Is Twitter a means to an end or is it the end goal? Do you need 100,000 Twitter followers to be successful? Do you need to have engaging content to be a winner on Twitter? Or, do you need to increase your social and personal brand currency to help you reach your bigger goals?Winning marketing leaders, sales executives and thought leaders understand this differentiation and the need to do five key things to be successful with Twitter.

5 Things You Need To Be Successful With Twitter

1. A Twitter Goal Mapped To Your Overall Objective. You cannot determine what Twitter success looks like until you articulate your goal. Are you looking to learn? Do you want to become a thought leader and brand amplifier? Are you trying to sell more products or services? If you understand what you are trying to do then you can determine what you need – more followers, better content or to be following more relevant contacts.

2. Secure More Relevant and Targeted Twitter Followers. More relevant followers enables your message to reach more people and make an impression with this targeted audience. It’s harder to drive earned messaging if you do not have a critical mass of followers on your earned channel. Just make sure your followers align to your goal and are not purchased from a Twitter follower broker in Russia!

3. Follow More Relevant People On Twitter. The more relevant people you follow, the better handle you can have on pertinent information needed to help you reach our overarching goals and objectives. This listening will help you learn and move your agenda forward.

4. You Need Great Twitter Content. Once you have Twitter followers and are following the right group of people, then you need to ‘feed the machine’ with great content. You’ll know if you have great content by measuring engagement – retweets, mentions and favorites. Engaging content will drive new network additions and reduce overall network drops.

5. Rising Social and Personal Brand Currency. It is impossible to have a 1-1 relationship with more than a few hundred followers. No one on Twitter expects you to have a personal relationship with them. The Twitter platform is not built for this reason. However, you need to authentically engage with your total audience on a regular basis. This interaction will build the value of your social and personal brand currency so you can increase your awareness, influence, and sales.

A vanity metric is the wrong thing to use to measure your Twitter success. However, you do need a goal, lots of followers, to be following many people and great content to help you increase the value of your social and personal brand’s currency to help you meet your business objectives.

Photo Credit: Pete Simon CC BY 2.0