What Are The Top 3 Issues In Your Business?

How’s your business day going?

If you’re like most business people, from the moment you come in the office front door till the moment you walk out – which is usually not at five o’clock – it’s a whirlwind of activity.

Sometimes you are so busy doing business “stuff” and other related tasks that you really don’t think about the business. All you’re thinking about is the work that needs to be done or that next meeting or conference call.

The most successful business people – CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners and entrepreneurs – analyze their business all the time. They think about what needs to be done. They have priorities. Face business problems without hesitation.

Do you?

There are two questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What are the top three priorities in your business? Let’s narrow that even further to: What are the top three priorities today? Not later this week, next month or six months from now. What are the three priorities that are important today that you and your company need to get done?

  1. What are the three top problems today that need to be resolved? It could be a problem in sales or a problem in customer service or with accounting. It could be a problem with anything. What is important today? What’s important is to address it and get it done today so the business can continue to move forward. Don’t be saying six months from now: Oh, I wish I would have…

Business priorities and business problems are not the same. They are different from one another. It’s important to separate the two when asking yourself these questions every business day.

Get in the habit of asking these two questions every business day:

  1. What are the three priorities that need to get done today?

  2. What are the three problems that need to get resolved today?

Ask these questions consistently day after day for more business success.

Incorporate these questions first thing in the morning, then again mid-day and again before leaving the office. Discover what you can truly accomplish!

As you begin to ask these questions on a daily basis, you will start to see there may be similarities in the priorities and problems or challenges that you face in your company. If you do, over time, find similarities then you need to ask yourself:

How are I going to change how to do business so the same issues don’t keep coming up all the time?

Analyzing your business is what a CEO, president, founder, business owner or entrepreneur should be doing when planning strategy. Keep asking the next question and the next question after that till you have the answers you need to lead your company to success. Anticipate what needs to get done rather than always reacting after something has happened.

When things do happen (and they will…) because as you know sometimes things happen in your business day whether you want them to or not. You could have a perfectly peaceful day and then all of a sudden: BOOM! All sorts of things happening at one time that you must simultaneously juggle!

If you are on top of the issues the company is facing. If you are anticipating the needs of the company. If you are daily looking at the top three priorities and the top three problems, then as time goes on you will witness amazing things with how well the business is running because you dealt with what you had to deal with. That’s because you are no longer avoiding it, ignoring it, kidding yourself, hiding it and just sweeping it under the rug, so to speak.

The goal is to always be successful. But remember this: Success comes from thought.

CEOs, presidents, founders, business owners and entrepreneurs are thought oriented people. They’re thought generators. They’re strategists. And yes, do a lot of work and get a lot accomplished all at the same time.

For business success, you must understand what is going on. What’s working. What’s not working. Then get to it and make it happen. As the days and weeks go by, you will see your business get better and better. Life, in general, will get better too because there’s less and less stress.

No matter what time in the business day it is when you read this, it’s never too late to ask yourself what the three most important priorities are; and what the three most important business problems are.

Be in ACTION! Make it HAPPEN!

To your success!