Wampler Foundation Tips on Using Nimble Prospector and Group Messaging

It’s no surprise foundations need sponsors and donations for the resources to help serve and support their cause. The Wampler Foundation and Camp Wamp are no different. Camp Wamp’s mission: To provide life changing experiences to children with physical disabilities. Bold brands speak like children and engage with their audience. Does yours?

Wampler Foundation Tips on Using Nimble Prospector and Group Messaging

It’s about what you CAN do!

Adventure. Optimism. Self-reliance. Ambition.

The Stephen J Wampler Foundation has a goal to sponsor 125 physically disabled children ages (10-18) to come to Camp Wamp during the summer of 2018. July 8th is the Grand Opening of Camp Wamp Deer Lake. Click for Deer Lake Forms & Camp Wamp Schedules

Nimble has allowed us to uncover efficiencies specific to reaching out, engaging and creating new relationships and define our target audience. Nimble is a key part of our marketing process for donations, volunteers, staff, and campers.    

As the Wampler Foundation’s acting freelance CMO we began to integrate many Nimble features into the foundations working process to create brand awareness and generate new opportunities from their target audience. For example, corporate sponsors and donations, public and private grants as well as individual donations. Grow Faster with Nimble CRM.

Nimble allows us to slice and dice our data/contacts so we can separate data from potential donations to future Camp Wamp campers, staff, volunteers as well as cleanly organize new opportunities using Signals. Signals help us engage with our target audiences and uncover new opportunities. Nimble has many key features that help connect your brand with its audience.    

Nimble Prospector Feature and Group Messaging

Using both the Nimble Prospector feature and Group Messaging allows the foundation to create new relationships with key marketing and corporate leadership for sponsorships and donations. This includes companies like Chevron, ESET, SAP, and Microsoft. Prospector uses Artificial Intelligence to help you automatically discover social channels, emails, mobile numbers, and address details for all of your contacts and prospects.  

Tips for using Nimble’s Prospector Feature and Group Messaging

  1. Search contact via Google first for correct spelling full name, title and current company
  2. Match the full name and title + domain name of the business in Nimble Prospector for optimal results
  3. Think strategically how you will organize your data once you begin your process via a clever tag
  4. Organize data sets specific to group messages (vs) email campaign for your subscribers
  5. Create an email template via group messaging
  6. Synch MailChimp and Active Campaign via PieSync to export your data to bulk emailing campaigns
  7. Create a process with a clever consistent message for your brand. Use Nimble’s features to organize and distribute your brand to your target audience from the pools of data you have organized using its Prospector Feature and Group Messaging

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The Stephen J Wampler Foundation is continuously looking to enhance the value of children’s lives. Your support helps serve and change lives. Learn more about Camp Wamp by visiting our website: www.wamplerfoundation.org    

“My dream is to inspire kids to achieve what they want out of life” ~ Stephen J Wampler