Nimble’s List of the Top 50 Social Realtors and Realty Strategists (and Their Best Practices)

There are many best practices in social media — we’ve picked 10 things that the top realtors (and realty experts) do to rock their own social media presence. We think you’ll benefit from seeing what these top-of-their-game professionals are doing right. Scroll down to view the complete list — congratulations to the Nimble First Annual list of The Top 50 Awesome Social Realtors.nimblefifty

  1. They take care with their personal brand. They shine through on all the channels, understanding that their personal brand is an integral part of their success.

Christophe Choo

On Twitter: @Christophechoo

Twitter description: Cast member on #HGTV #SellingLA #luxury #RealEstate & #Homes in the #BeverlyHills, #BelAir & #LosAngeles. Love travel, art & antiques.

christophe choo

  1. They think before they act. Successful social communicators know what they want to accomplish. They have a strategy. Are you trying to generate new business? Establish yourself as a thought leader or influencer? Strategists know how much time social marketing will take, and plan for it as part of their day.

Name: Katie Lance

On Twitter: @katielance

Twitter description: CEO/Owner, Katie Lance Consulting – a social media consulting firm for real estate and tech companies. National speaker. IPhone addict.


Advice from Katie:

“Don’t be a broken record. No one wants to hear the same things over and over from your or your brand. This is where having a content strategy really comes into play. Take the time to brainstorm all of the different things you could talk about on your social channels and then make sure you have a nice balance day to day of content.”

  1. They know their channels. Twitter is for conversation and relationship building. Facebook readers will turn off your feed if they feel you’re spamming them — you need to do something readers can participate in and engage with. Show something funny, or an article that will catch their eye.

Name: Stefan Swanepoel

On Twitter: @serengeti

Twitter description: Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business & Life – NYTimes / WSJ / USA Today bestseller by Stefan Swanepoel. (Quiz at )


  1. They know their target audience. Are you directing your social outreach to other brokers — or more to potential buyers? Understand the audience you’re aiming at, so you don’t present a fragmented, confusing message.

Name: Tracy Weir

On Twitter: @tracyweir

Twitter description: Tracy Weir runs Eight11, a strategic marketing and technology real estate blog and consultancy. She loves to discover what’s new and think big!

“If you try to be everything to everyone, soon you’ll be nothing to nobody. For example, if you want to sell luxury property, go for it — and don’t worry about excluding prospective customers. People will still work with you if you’re qualified, no matter the type of property or neighborhood. Pick your niche, so you can spend your time, money and resources wisely within it.” ~ Tracy Weir

  1. They share relevant content. Curation, generosity, and a spirit of helping.

Name: Chris Smith

On Twitter: @chris_smth

Twitter description: co founder of @CuraytorDotCom chief paper killer @dotloop co-host of #WaterCooler

chris smith

  1. They understand and use the right tools — whatever best delivers their message, adds to their audience, and plays to their message.

Name: Albie Vas

On Twitter: @AlbieVas

Twitter description: Realtor® I specialize in representing buyers and sellers. New homes, condos,High Rise, commercial Las Vegas. I love to Shop 🙂


  1. They know it’s important to be consistent with interaction and engagement.

Name:  Jay Thompson

On Twitter: @PhxREGuy

Twitter description: Director of Industry Outreach & Social Media for @Zillow. Living the urban life in Seattle. Road warrior. Heart attack survivor. My wife rocks!

phxreguy jay thompson

  1. They have a balance to their communications, not just selling.

Name: Lori Ballen

On Twitter: @ballengroup

Twitter description: Las Vegas Real Estate Team Owner, Author, Trainer, Business Woman. Keeping it real in an attempt to Open minds 702-604-7739


  1. They grow, learn, and adjust to stay on course.

Name: Sherry Chris

Twitter description: CEO of a Lifestyle Real Estate Brand with a focus on the next generation of brokers, agents and consumers. I am quite comfortable challenging the status quo.

On Twitter: @sherrychris

sherry chris

  1. They think about what you want, not about how to make themselves look important. Both Twitter and Facebook are perfect places to share information that will help and encourage people.

Name:  Ines Hegedus-Garcia

On Twitter: @ines

Twitter description:  Architect • Realtor • Mojitos • Miamisms • not necessarily in that order

ines garcia


The Nimble Complete (First Annual) List

of the

Top 50 Social Realtors and Realty Strategists




These top social influencers in real estate travel a pitch-perfect social path — we’d love to hear the social techniques that work as well for you.