Tips for Teams! Being Nimble with Team Management

Recently, our team of Nimble Care Ninjas has seen many questions from team leaders asking for some advice on the following:

“Contacts and Deals are all public! How can I differentiate which Deals my team members are working on, and who they are in charge of reaching out to?”

By adopting some of these simple tips, your team will be able to pave their way to organized success!

Playing Tag

The best way to get your head into the organizational game is to apply tags from the start! When you visit your Networks & Imports page in Nimble, you will be able to import your contacts from a variety of sources. Each option provides a textbox that allows you to apply a tag to the entire import, making it easy to know which team member imported those contacts, and where they came from. This way you’ll always know if your team member Karen imported her contacts from Gmail:



…or even FourSquare!


If you are just getting started and forgot to apply a tag to one of your imports, no problem! All you would need to do is click “Import Contacts” or re-import your CSV file, and type in your tag at that time. Nimble finds and merges duplicates automatically, leaving you with just the tag applied to your existing contacts!

Already imported your Twitter contacts to Nimble, but you’ve just received a promising new lead? Using our Smart Contacts App, there is no need to go through the import process all over again. Simply visit their Twitter profile page, and add your contact from there, adding your Twitter tag! This powerful browser widget works in your webmail Inbox, Facebook, and anywhere else you work on the web!


You will always be able to view your tags in your Contacts tab in alphabetical order on the lefthand side.

However, what if you accidentally imported some contacts using the widget without a tag? It’s easy to fix by visiting the Contacts tab and clicking “Recently Added”! Simply select the contacts that were just added with the widget, and then click the tag icon at the top of the list to apply your tag.


It’s a Deal

The Deals tab Pipeline or List views can seem jumbled with your entire team’s deals out in the open. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, Nimble offers a handy drop down menu towards the top of the page that allows you to sort your team’s deals by their status (Active, Won, Lost, or Stuck) and by who owns the deal (yourself [default], the entire team, or individual team members).



These organizational options are also available in the List view! Additionally, when viewing the List view, you may choose to view the entire team’s deals and also group them by owner.


Activities: Tasks and Calendars

An organized schedule keeps any team on track, and Nimble makes it easy to see where your team members are on their to-do list, as well as a mosaic of any events on shared Google Calendars.

While in the tasks view of the Activities tab, you will be able to see a list of all overdue and upcoming tasks by default. You may also choose to see any starred or completed tasks, as well as tasks that you have delegated to other team members.

While in this view, you can choose to view tasks that are assigned to yourself or any team member.

Additionally, when you create a task in Nimble, you have the option to apply a tag to the task.

This also means that when choosing whose tasks you would like to view, you can also choose tasks that have a certain tag applied to them.

If you have Google Calendars connected to Nimble, you will be able to view them in the calendar view of the Activities tab! In addition to your own Google Calendars, you are also able to connect and view any Google Calendar that a team member has shared with you in their Google settings. Nimble automatically assigns colors to these calendars, and you can see a colorful presentation of your whole team’s events this way. This is available in day, week, and month view.

In the agenda view, you will be able to see a list of these calendar events interwoven in chronological order with your tasks! Using the ability to toggle certain calendars on and off, combined with the ability to see your individual team members’ tasks, your team will be able to see each other’s daily schedules. This is a fantastic resource for finding out the perfect time to meet one on one, or as a group, to discuss progress and goals.

There you have it! With these organizational tools in your arsenal, your team will always know how to differentiate between each others’ contacts, deals, and activities in Nimble!

For more information about tags in Nimble, check out this support article: Nimble Tags Overview

To learn more about our Smart Contacts App and download, click here: Nimble Browser Widget