The One Question You Need to Answer Before You Press “Send” or “Schedule”

Content messaging through social media and other marketing activities is an effective means of making prospects aware of your products or services (solution) as you well know. The content allows your prospects to get to know you and your solution before they ever “talk” with you.

Your content and the messages you send uncover your real focus — You or Them (your audience). Do your messages help your prospects understand the value of or how they will benefit from your solution? Do they clearly communicate What’s in it for Them?


I call these WiifTs (whiff-its). They’re important. But you may find that your messages tell them all about you, the features of your solution, and what you want from them?

Too often in our me-me-me society, we forget that the most important person is Them (the prospect or buyer). No matter how great your solution is, if it isn’t relevant and doesn’t directly connect Them to the solution — your receiver hits Delete!

To make sure your messages are focused on what (rather who) it is most important to ask this one question: So What? For every fact, idea, or suggestion ask: “So what? or So what’s in it for Them?” Make note of your response and ask again, “So what? Or So what’s in it for Them?”

And again …

And again…

Strive for 3-5 responses to identify the true value or benefits. Then use these benefits in your messaging to connect What you want to say with the response to the So Whats?

I call these “Whats to WiifTs statements” using a phrase that includes the words “you” or “your.”

An example: “We provide instant access to metrics to show what campaigns are working, or not working.” This could become: “Our service provides you instant access to metrics which means you will be able to quickly what know campaigns are working…or not.”

The Signals Tab in Nimble allows you to monitor and uncover the top questions prospects ask at each stage of their buyer’s journey — making it easier for you enter the conversation and provide valued expertise at the right time. It gives you an advantage over your competitors for the buyer’s mindshare.

It only takes a few extra minutes to answer “So What?” and “What’s this mean for you?” but it will provide increased visibility and engagement for your readers. While your competitors are busy stating the obvious, go deeper, dig further to find the most robust benefits you can to separate your solution from theirs.

Nancy Bleeke is the founder of Sales Pro Insider, Inc. a firm that delivers training and consultant for your most important and expensive asset, your people. Her Gold medal winning book, Conversations That Sell is quickly becoming a must-read for sales teams around the globe. Nancy would love for you to connect with her on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. Check out the Sales Pro Insider blog for more great tips.