Raising Venture Capital on the Internet

Many people in today’s topsy-turvy world have what they believe are million-dollar ideas for the next great business, but don’t have the funding necessary to see their idea become reality. Unfortunately, to start most businesses today a person needs a significant amount of start-up capital. While many people seek help from family and friends, often they simply don’t have enough funding for the project. Rather than suffer disappointment, many people are turning to the internet to raise venture capital for their businesses. While the world wide web is a seemingly endless mix of sites, there are many avenues available to those seeking money for their amazing start-up ideas.


The biggest advantage to using the internet when raising capital is its ability to reach vast numbers of people almost instantly. As social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all continue to make their presence known, they are becoming great ways to tell people about your idea and let them know you’re in need of funding. Many potential entrepreneurs start Facebook or Twitter pages specifically for their business, letting others see the specifics of their plan while being able to answer questions from potential investors. Social media also allows for constant updates about the business idea or how much funding is still needed, giving those who may be interested in becoming investors as much information and full disclosure as possible.

Some of the most interesting possibilities for those seeking venture capital on the internet involve venture capitalists websites that are specifically geared for entrepreneurs. These sites let people post their business ideas on the site, giving information on the business plan, how much funding is needed and where they project the business can go with the proper funding. These sites are actively looked at by venture capitalists who are seeking new projects, and allow people who may have limited funds to invest the opportunity to do so. A rather new concept, it is quickly becoming one of the most reliable and efficient ways for people to obtain funding for their ideas.

Another advantage of raising the needed funding on the internet is it allows people whose ideas may be considered high-risk the chance to explain in great detail why their idea will work. These business capital investment sites allow those who are passionate about their ideas to post business plans, statistics and other specifics related to their idea for investors to examine. While venture capitalists are used to a certain amount of high-risk investing, like most people they eventually want to see a return on their investment. Smart entrepreneurs also take advantage of Skype and other communication websites to speak directly to potential investors, letting them have a virtual face-to-face conversation even if they are thousands of miles away.

By using some or all of these methods, people who have that next million-dollar idea will have the chance to let their passion and enthusiasm shine through to those who have the money to make their dream come true. Combining a positive attitude with investors who believe in them enables those whose passion is undying the ability to build their business from the ground up, showing their investors they made the right choice when backing them and their innovative business idea.

Sarah is a writer, small business owner, and marketing expert who collaborates with Naked Business Consulting. If you’re looking to raise capital, franchise your small business or expand internationally, naked provides expert consulting in these areas.

Photo by: webtreats /(CC BY 2.0)