The Key To Business Success: Momentum

Business isn’t static.

Business is always in motion.

As a CEO, president, founder or business owner, your business either moves forward or it moves backward.

But it never stands still.

Business success doesn’t happen because of a good or a bad economy.

It happens because of YOU, the business leader.

All you need for business success is something called: momentum.

In fact, momentum is the key to business success.

For example:

Visualize a big oil tanker out on the ocean. When the captain of the oil tanker wants to stop the vessel from moving forward the engines are put in reverse. It takes at least one mile to stop the tanker.

Here’s another example:

In sports, at any given time during a game such as baseball, football, hockey or even basketball, the sports commentator will talk about how the momentum of the game has shifted. In other words, one team had the winning advantage but then something happens, a particular play or other event fires up the team that didn’t have the advantage and now they are on the move. The momentum of the game has suddenly changed and the competition has an opportunity to win. It can happen right up to the very last second of the game.

Momentum is a critical factor to the success of your business.

The law of physics says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For instance, if you push a drinking glass across the table the energy that was created by you pushing the glass will move the glass.

Take any of the above examples and instead of it being an oil tanker, a sports team or a drinking glass, think about your business. If you want your business to prosper you need to create the momentum or the positive energy in order to move your business forward.

Although you may not see the extraordinary results the very first day, if day after day you’re:

•   Positive

•   Determined to succeed

•   Co-workers are inspired

•   Business ideas are flowing

•   New business strategies are taking shape

•   The sales team is excited to meet and exceed sales goals

•   The company brings consistent value to customers

You will see big changes in your business. You’re building momentum!

On the other hand, if you come to work and just keep doing the same things over and over and over again without any new or fresh perspective, don’t motivate co-workers or provide excellent product and service to customers, you will also see the negative results. Any business momentum will come to a gradual and eventually, an abrupt halt.

Here’s one more example regarding momentum and business success:

It’s somewhat similar to the snowball effect. The snowball is small at the top of the hill, but as it rolls down the hill, it gets bigger and bigger. So too with positive energy and building momentum towards business goals and objectives. It starts small and then builds and builds and builds into something bigger and bigger and bigger.

Daily, consistent positive momentum moves your business forward.

As the leader of your business, which way do you want your business to go – backward or forward?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Let’s be in ACTION to build momentum in your business starting today; starting NOW!

To your success!