The Hidden Values of Nimble CRM

When innovation connects with wisdom and knowledge, solutions and teams are established that make what seems like the impossible become possible. The hidden values of Nimble begin with creating and developing new relationships.

As Sun Tzu wrote: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

The hidden values of Nimble become obvious after taking it for a test drive. Whether you are in marketing, sales, data management or senior level decisions you need access to vital information needed for growth. Nimble is a remarkable tool that creates new opportunities and efficiencies with your data sets. Nimble has some unique hidden values.  

Nimble allows you to connect, engage and share creating new relationships that lead to new relationships increasing the number of opportunities.

Team Nimble has created the #1 Rated Social Sales & Marketing CRM. Grow faster using Nimble and turn your social communities into customers. Nimble will help you share the passion, plan and purpose of your brand.  

Nimble does this with features that recognize we need to connect like human beings to build long lasting relationships. Relationships will make or break your business.    

As Jon Ferrara CEO of Nimble says, “The heart of our business relationships is in our contacts, calendar and communication”

In business how we communicate directly affects our bottom line. Uncovering the hidden values in Nimble specifically creates efficiencies with communication as listed below.   

Hidden Values of Nimble:
– Nimble pulls valuable data automatically (vs) having to input data – Tremendous time savings and value added for marketing and sales  
– Unified inbox and one location for your contacts, calendar and communication
– You can email selected groups with Nimble’s group messaging feature
– Receive notifications when your email is opened and which links are clicked on
– Using Nimble’s data segmentation feature where you can slice and dice your data into select groups and communicate

Nimble is an exceptional tool that creates efficiencies and opportunities for growth. Uncover these hidden values for your own organization today by taking it for a test drive.   

Other Nimble features include:
– Mobile and Browser App
– Contact Management
– Social Selling
– Insights
– Sales & Marketing Automation
– Activity Management

Nimble “Stands Out from other similar CRM solutions merely because it places the heart of the relationships at your fingertips and allows you to focus on building a better and more profitable business with instant insights that help build faster stronger meaningful relationships. A few words by Dorie Clark.

“Most recognized experts achieved success not because of some special genius, but because they learned how to put disparate elements together and present ideas in a new and meaningful way.” ~ Dorie Clark

Jon Ferrara and Team Nimble have learned how to put the desperate elements together in the form of the heart of your business relationships and put them together in a meaningful and efficient way that creates tremendous value. The hidden values of Nimble will be uncovered the moment you begin your trial.

Seize your opportunity to create new relationships and learn more about the Nimble way today.  CLICK HERE for a test drive.  

Connect, engage and share with Nimble and the #SocialDotConnector.