The Five Best Sales-Boosting Mobile Marketing Strategies

Eventually, you’ll need to evolve to an ever-growing buyer population’s needs. Every marketing strategy should promote new, exciting options. To remain relevant, you need to put the consumer first.


Fortunately, 2016 is filled with innovative approaches to sales. Today, word-of-mouth strategies persist as one of the world’s greatest approaches. At least 62 percent of small businesses state that word-of-mouth strategies remain within the top three marketing approaches currently available. Today, however, word-of-mouth strategies are primarily encapsulated on mobile. For this reason, we’re checking out the five best sales-boosting strategies currently available — straight from the smartphone world.

Strategy One: Use Mobile Data to Enhance the Digital Experience

Data drives everything in the mobile world. IBM and American Express have boosted B2B sales and omnichannel success by utilizing highly targeted digital properties. They’re speaking to highly specific business users, and they’re expanding far beyond flashy websites. In 2016, mobile-optimized elements, dynamic content and offline activities are critical to sales success. Omnichannel marketing, meanwhile, will boost engagement via wearables. It’s a self-sustaining system, targeting buyer behavior with astounding accuracy.

Strategy Two: Support Local Search

Consumers use their smartphones incessantly to engage local search. In fact, 89 percent of consumers admit to seeking out local businesses with their mobile devices at least once per week. A total of 58 percent, meanwhile, used a mobile device to conduct local search once per day. For this reason, brands such as Jamba Juice are dishing out locally served offers. It isn’t enough to simply help consumers find great local deals — you need to offer the deals themselves.

Strategy Three: Serve Up SMS Offers With Real-Time Services

Providers like Textpedite have raised the bar in digital offers. Customers care about promotions, and they’ll opt for specials, upcoming events and business offers capable of hitting their personal wants and needs. Today, hundreds of small-, medium- and large-sized businesses are creating real-time SMS campaigns to engage customers with SMS offers. First, build your audience base; then, reach out with mobile group invites. In doing so, you can secure long-term sales. Mobile short codes and keywords, of course, are fantastic tools already included in your favorite provider’s service package.

Strategy Four: Check Out Google AdWords to Plan Keywords

This year, e-commerce will benefit from Google’s AdWords system. Mobile website access has become critical to sales development, and more than ever, keyword relevancy is important. Mobile marketers won’t spend time entering, submitting and scrambling to complete full sentences; instead, they’ll use well-known keywords. Because Google AdWords Keywords Planner Tool helps marketers with long-tail keyword identification, it can help “mobilize” your sales strategy.

Strategy Five: Get Big With Sponsored Content on Social Media

Both Pinterest and Twitter are offering sponsored content ad placement opportunities, and your business can gain significant exposure by hopping in. If you don’t pay up, your followers won’t see your social platform. You need to understand which digital approaches work, and you need a big population to build budgets, relationships and content. Twitter’s sponsored content platform, in particular, is incredibly viable.

Grow your investments, optimize your sponsored content and promote digital media. As your platform grows, you’ll be surprised by the breakthrough power of sponsored social media content. To increase sales, your strategy will need to promote at the ground level. Don’t worry: Every year delivers new options. While your strategy might be behind, it can practically fuel sales with these strategies alone. Today’s mobile marketing gurus are changing the game, and you need to join the new world of mobile innovation to keep up.

What’s Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below. I would love to read them.

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