Thanksgiving With Nimble

Thanksgiving 2021: Reasons to be Thankful in Your Business

Thanksgiving is a time for us to hit pause on all the upcoming holiday madness to reflect on and acknowledge what we’re grateful for. 

Despite all the ups and downs many of us have experienced in the last two years, thinking through all the things that gave a positive impact is an incredible way to brighten the mood and start planning for the upcoming year.

For Thanksgiving 2021, we asked some of our favorite industry professionals to share who or what they are thankful for in their business. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“I’m most thankful for my teammates, who over the past year took on the work that I wasn’t best suited to do so I could give my attention to the work I am best suited to do. Freeing up that time allowed me to do some great things that we can build on together in the years ahead.”

– Mike Vardy, Founder of Productivityist

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Change is the Only Constant

“During 2021 I have been inspired and am grateful how my clients and power partners have adapted to the changing conditions with such a positive mindset. I am truly grateful for how we have all listened to and helped each other. Happy Thanksgiving.”

– Ross Keating, Founder, Business & CRM strategist at Nextree Business Growth Consultancy

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Support System

“I am thankful for the people who support me to run my business: my eldest daughter, Meghan Downs with her whizzkid knowledge on websites and Neal Veglio for his brilliant listening ear producing great content for the podcast.”

– Wendy Harris, Founder of Making Conversations Count Ltd

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Clients Around the World

“I’m thankful for my amazing clients – I get to speak and work with dynamic and smart people around the world every day. And to watch them grow and thrive is an incredible feeling for me!”

Matt Wolach, SaaS Sales Coach at Xsellus

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Compassion and Understanding

“I’m grateful for the grace that so many consumers are giving to businesses this year. With global supply chain issues and shortages, a lot of companies are shifting and pivoting to do their best to meet customer demand in a very different marketplace that’s unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. It’s refreshing that customers seem to understand that some shortages or delays are out of our hands.”

Tanya Dalton, Bestselling author & Productivity Expert at inkWELL Press Productivity Co.

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Seeing the Silver Lining

“I’m incredibly lucky to have my business this year! During the pandemic, I’ve watched all kinds of companies and brands suffer or close because of labor shortages and supply chain issues. But I’ve also seen companies rise to the occasion. And though the past two years have been a wild ride, we ended up in a place where I know I’ve got a solid team behind me, I know we’re working hard despite things being harder and harder with online services, and I know and have faith that we will continue to do amazing things.

I’m thankful for the hard times because they make you take a good, hard look at who you have in your inner circle and to appreciate those who give you just as much or more as you give them.”

– Brooke Sellas, CEO at B Squared Media

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Follow My Lead

“I am most thankful for the ability to work with amazing clients who are interested in becoming more mindful & conscious in their leadership.”

– Jennifer Tsang, Chief of Staff & Certified Coach at Coach With Insight

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Family & Community

“I am thankful for my health because without that I’d have nothing. I am thankful for my family because they bring me the great joys in life. I am thankful for the Nimble Team and the community around Nimble who continue to support our mission to help others achieve their dreams at scale through richer relationships.“

– Jon Ferrara, CEO at Nimble Inc.

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Thanksgiving 2021

Despite all that’s been happening the past two years, this holiday is such a wonderful time to pause and reflect on what’s creating a positive impact in our lives and all the things we’re grateful for. 

We’d like to thank you, the incredible Nimble community for all the support you’ve given us, whether you’re a VIP member or you’re just starting out. We want to return the support by continuing to evolve our CRM that will help you work even faster and better than ever. Happy Thanksgiving!