Nimble Sneak Peek! New Feature: “Stay in Touch” and Nurture Relationships

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Some of you may have noticed a number of enhancements to the Nimble reminder system. We’re rolling out a preview of our new Stay in Touch feature to make reminders a more seamless part of your workflow. We’ll be looking for your feedback to help us fine tune this fine feature!

We think you’ll benefit from never having an important contact fall through the cracks… EVER AGAIN!

How It Works

Click on the clock icon in the Contact Record. From the dropdown, choose the frequency reminder you want to use. Nimble monitors all the communication channels you have connected. If you fall out of touch past the reminder period, Nimble will then remind you to stay in touch. You need never have a contact fall out of touch.

“Go Green” from the Contact Record and from List View

Once you activate Stay in Touch, the Contact Record and the Contact List View will display a green clock icon — and (on the right side of the screen) show you how long until your next scheduled interaction. When Stay in Touch is active, the clock turns green!

On the Sidebar: Stay in Touch (Sorted by Date)

In your Contact List View you can filter your Contacts by Stay in Touch (sorted by date from overdue reminders forward), quickly seeing your schedule for outreach..

If you have not interacted with a Contact on the frequency schedule you’ve set, Stay in Touch will “go red.” The list view is sorted based on your Stay in Touch settings, so you are reminded to reach out.


From Today’s Top Contacts

When you set reminders from your Today’s Top Contacts suggestions, they will be included in the Stay in Touch filter, just a click away in your sidebar.


Batch It!

On any Advanced Search, Saved Search or Tag sort, you can set Stay in Touch reminders in batches.

This Is Our Mission

Nimble is constantly moving to improve your workflow and automate your processes. Nimble, through enhancements like Stay in Touch, fosters ways for users to practice genuine person-to-person engagement with prospects and customers. This latest feature is another way that we’re helping you leverage automated systems to keep in touch — with authenticity and relevancy. Walk in your contacts’ digital footprint, see what’s happening in their lives, and deepen the relationship. Unlike old-school tickler systems and chaotic address books, we are able to help you run an airtight relationship system where important opportunities for engagement don’t fall through the cracks.

The Fine Print for the Techies in Our Tribe: How Nimble Does the Dynamic Math for Reminders

Reminders for Stay in Touch are scheduled and calculated dynamically using your Last Contacted date.

Example: If you last contacted a person a month ago, and you set a weekly reminder, the reminder will trigger immediately because the timespan is greater than one week.

Example: if you last contacted a person Jan 1 and you set a reminder for monthly,  the reminder is scheduled for Feb 1.  If you talk to him again on Jan 24, the remainder will auto adjust to Feb 24.

Right now, Nimble is using the Last Contacted date by a single user, not by the team. Reminders are based off of your Last Contacted date. We may change this in upcoming versions.

 We’ll be looking for your feedback!!