Social Networking for Automotive Brands

In a world were ads have skip buttons and not nearly as many people read newspaper, the transport industry knows that social media is becoming key to modern marketing. Social media is all about connecting to your audience in an interactive way. This powerful tool can spark passion and reach out to the tribe of car enthusiasts just waiting to connect about their vehicles.

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From spreading news about your latest promotion or making a connection on a brand level, social media can bring in new leads and showcase your products to many enthusiasts that would otherwise not realize your company exists.

Here are some tips from Door to Door Cars on how to successfully use social media to connect the love of cars with your customer base.

 Content Rules All

Content: The single most important thing. What is it that you are talking about?

Create content that is relevant to the industry. The goal is to start a discussion among your users. Social media should be seen as a conversation not a show and tell. It is encouraged to respond back to them so that it’s not just a one sided conversation.

Get the conversation going with things like insider tips, the latest technology, the hottest trends, or giving a peek into how something is made or done.

Don’t limit your content to just text and blog posts. For maximum effectiveness, include photos and videos to spark interest in your content. How to videos or interviews with experts in the transport industry can be relativity simple to make and generate a lot of chatter.

To get people talking, you’ve got to give them something to talk about!

 Platform choice

What does your consumer demographic use the most? This is dependent mostly on the type of crowd you have around your store. Are catering to people who love painting their cars? Then maybe Instagram would be super effective. Do you want to live blog a race? Twitter is great for that type of buzz.

Popular platforms used are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Yelp, Foursquare (This one’s great for meet ups.), and WordPress (blogging).

Keeping Steady

No matter which platform you choose, it must be maintained. It is more hurtful to have a neglected blog than no blog at all. An inactive blog or Facebook page looks lazy and abandoned.

Continue adding content on a consistent basis whether it is hourly, daily, or weekly. If you struggle to create fresh new content on a daily basis, consider linking back to other sources for curated content. This keeps things fresh and cross promotes both sources. In turn, other social media may retweet, reblog, or otherwise share your content.

Listen Up! Then Respond

Remember, this is a conversation to share the love and passion for vehicles. Half of a conversation is listening. People love to talk about their cars. They want to communicate with people in the transport industry about the latest and great, plus share their latest ideas and mods.

Listen and respond. Even if it’s a simple comment like “Congrats, looks cool” can do wonders to show the brand in a positive mindset.

A surefire way to make people feel connected to your brand is the thought of “Everyone is holding a sign that says ‘Make me feel important.'”