9 Essential SaaS Tools to Ace Lead Generation Like a Pro

SaaS Tools To Lead Generation

There are a lot of factors to consider when making a lead generation strategy. You have to choose the most viable channels, type of content, and come up with engaging CTAs. You also have to decide whether you will use forms, social media, or lead generation quizzes.

But that only covers one side of the strategy. You also need to choose proper tools to streamline your lead generation efforts and keep leads moving through the funnel.

When it comes to the tools, there are a lot of options. However, not all of them are the same. Some are better than others. Below you will find 9 SaaS tools you can use to deploy excellent lead generation tactics.

ProProfs Lead Quiz Maker

lead generation quiz

ProProfs Lead Quiz Maker is a cloud-based tool built to help you create lead generation quizzes hassle-free. You can use it alongside your existing lead forms. They can be easily integrated with Quiz Maker and made better. 

ProProfs Lead Quiz Maker offers you two ways to deploy quizzes. You can build one from scratch or use ProProfs quiz templates to deliver professionally designed quizzes to your target customers. You can personalize the quizzes and results the way you see fit. 

Thanks to powerful analytics and reports, you can learn about your audience and deliver even better lead generation strategies. Finally, the Online Quiz Maker can be integrated with the most popular marketing tools to automate your efforts. 


customer and user feedback software

Capturing feedback once your prospect or lead wants to end the experience with your brand can provide valuable insights. A perfect tool for the job is Qualaroo. It is a SaaS developed to help you effortlessly survey website visitors or app users. Qualaroo features an intuitive user interface and several settings. You can set behavioral triggers to launch surveys, thus perfectly timing the right question.

The tool comes with pre-built survey templates you can use out-of-the-box. You can use it to capture user insights and use the information to fuel your future lead generation tactics. It also offers site and app analytics telling you who your visitors/users are, their visit and interaction history, how much they pay, and more.



Creating marketing e-books as a part of the growth marketing strategy has become the norm nowadays. Brands are often using this tactic as part of their content marketing strategies. And for good reason. EBooks are perfect because they offer content marketers plenty of space to express a new point of view on a certain topic or gather data from multiple specialists and so on.

Flipsnack is a great ebook creator that marketers love. Building up a relevant email marketing list can be done easily. The potential customers will have to insert their email address in return for reading the entire contents of your marketing eBook. Great lead magnet tool, isn’t it?!



Instapage is a SaaS marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. The platform features six unique products you can use to drive more traffic to your website and improve conversion rates. The central tool is called Landing Pages. It enables you to create beautiful and responsive landing pages. The best thing about it is that you can do it without writing a single line of code.

The other SaaS solutions available via the Instapage platform are built to help you stay on top of your Landing Page-based lead generation strategy. You can deliver unique landing pages to each audience segment, deploy A/B testing to identify the most optimal page and connect ads to every landing page in your arsenal.


leadformly software

If forms are the central piece of your lead generation puzzle, then you should check Leadformly. You should consider using it, especially if you identify that most of your prospects bounce off from your forms. Leadformly automates form generation and integration. Its forms are flawless both in terms of design and performance. They can be easily integrated on any website despite the platform it runs on.

Experienced professionals design Leadformly forms. They are built to deliver top-notch usability and drive completion rates. The tool already has over 50 templates you can customize and integrate. It supports real-time analytics thanks to integration into popular CRM platforms.


activecampaign software

ActiveCampaign offers a complete solution to all your email marketing challenges. It is one of the industry-leading email marketing and marketing automation tools, and it delivers many tools to take full advantage of your subscribers list. It offers a customer segmentation tool to help you personalize your approach and generate more leads.

While its focus is on email marketing, this tool also brings other digital channels into action, including live chat, social media, and SMS text messaging. Finally, it has a very complex analytics-and-reporting module. It can help you get valuable insights into customer paths and engagement.


hellobar software

If you have prospects bouncing from your website before seeing the content you want them to see, Hellobar can help you out. It is a tool that helps you create a bar that pops in front of your website visitors. You get to decide what triggers the bar to pop up. It can help you collect valuable visitors’ information, gauge what lies behind the intent to leave the page, and more.

Simply put, Hellobar is a tool that streamlines popup generation. It has a straightforward user interface. There is a library of pre-built popups, but you can use it to create one on your own easily. It can help you capture visitors’ emails, which significantly increases the odds that your visitors will engage with your marketing copy. 


Discovering the complete online social footprint of prospects that engage with your brand can appear challenging. Discover.ly offers a simple solution to the problem and allows you to find out your projects’ email addresses with ease. It comes in the form of a browser extension. It enables you to find out and save information about prospects as you view their online profiles.

It works on Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The social contact information it reveals includes work info, and mutual connections, tweets, friends.



Sumo is a tool you can use to grow your list of subscribers. It currently offers plugins for WordPress, Shopify, and Google Tag Manager. This tool automates the creation and deployment of email opt-in forms. Sumo comes with a library of email forms but also allows you to create completely customized forms.

The smart component enables you to target visitors. All of the opt-in forms by Sumo are ready for mobile and can be automatically shared on social media. It comes with additional eCommerce features. You can use it to promote your store with discount codes and generate more leads.

Since you run a unique marketing campaign on a specific target audience, you know your prospects and funnel the best. This information can help you decide whether you want to use lead generation quizzes, form builders, or popups to generate more leads. Finally, you should consider diversifying your approach. Using more SaaS tools can help you efficiently cover all lead generation funnels and get valuable info to get those leads moving towards sales.