Real Estate Agents: Tons of Tips for Tweeting and Twittering

With the explosion of social media, it’s no wonder that real estate agents might be confused about what to do first. But there is an answer: SEO (search engine optimization). It’s an intimidating term, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, some real estate agents are now finding that using Twitter correctly can lead to a significant uptick in traffic. In December last year, one agent tweeted that their third-highest source of website traffic was from Twitter.

Search Engines Love Social Media

By using Twitter to direct traffic back to your site you increase the credibility of how Google “sees” your website. The more related links pointing toward your website–  the more unique visitors you will have.

Recently we have seen an increasing rate of Twitter use among agent. Why? — Do agents sell/rent property through this medium? The answer to that is yes — but it takes time.

Best Twitter Practices for Real Estate

  • Plan a messaging schedule plan working on the premise of 80% newsworthy content & 20% sales messages by directing traffic back to your social networks on all the social channels.
  • Make sure you have a good quality picture and great logo on Twitter.
  • Make sure your description is as good as it can be for both yourself and your company.
  • Set up Google alerts, RSS feeds, and subscribe to key websites for good content that you can share regularly.
  • Design a Twitter background that’s colorful and compelling. This is your shop window, and those first impressions count.
  • Include your Twitter logo on your email signatures, website, and all marketing material. You need to market the fact that you have a Twitter account.
  • Ask your friends/family to follow you on Twitter. And certainly suggest it on any client communications and on your letterhead.
  • Send an email blast to all your database contacts explaining that you are now on Twitter and encourage them to follow you.
  • Ask every single client that your staff speak to to follow you.
  • Set up lists on Twitter of your favorite followers and favorite subjects.
  • Write down all your suppliers. Then find them on Twitter, have conversations, and recommend them. A lot of them will reciprocate.
  • Follow reputable local companies — and create a supportive network. There’s strength in numbers.
  • When you have a new follower, mention them and thank them.
  • Make sure you have an online reputation guide — and use it to make sure you are following the Twitter conventions.
  • Follow the top 100 bloggers on real estate. (Find these through apps like Traackr.)
  • Make good use of the hashtag. This will attract more relevant followers.
  • Search and follow all builders on Twitter.
  • If you have a testimonials website tab, post the link. There’s nothing better than recommendations.
  • Think about what a landlord/vendor would find beneficial.
  • Think about what time of day is best for certain tweets.
  • Listen very closely to what people search on. Set up saved search terms such as (apt cambridge) (realtor cambridge) (estate agent cambridge).Then check daily. You will be surprised how many people tweet using these terms. Then politely ask them if they require any help. Simple but very effective!


  • Post newsworthy links about regional related news. Use your own blog and put on your reporter’s hat to describe the current state of real estate in your area.
  • Plan special offers/competitions that encourage followers to share and like you on Facebook.
  • See what is trending on Twitter and get involved. Relevancy will attract more followers.
  • “Favorite” recommendations on Twitter.
  • Strike up a conversation with a new follower or two every day.
  • Take pictures of staff, office, local landmarks and sights. Followers like to put a face to a company name.
  • Find quality pictures of local area and sell the lifestyle.
  • Try and post amusing pictures/videos to entertain your audience. But make is a tiny percentage — a little goes a long way.
  • Ask questions and do not be afraid to ask for advice when necessary.
  • Always re-read your tweet before posting.

What To Tweet (and Not To Tweet)

  • Retweet other followers’ content several times per day to strengthen the relationship and show thoughtfulness.
  • Tweet unusual properties
  • Tweet a featured property of the week
  • Tweet local house prices.
  • Tweet home improvement hints & tips (especially videos)
  • Do not tweet your frustrations about a vendor/buyer etc
  • Do not tweet when you have just had a disappointment.
  • Do not tweet when you are angry or having a bad day.
  • Do not tweet every single property.

Four Keys To Success!

    1. Listen.


    1. Add Value.


    1. Engage.


  1. Interact.

By following these simple steps above you will be amazed how much you will strengthen your brand online and win new business.

Ian Charles Watson is the principal of Agent Media. Agent Media stays on top of the latest technological advances in full digital marketing solutions specifically for Real Estate Agents — helping them make the most of their marketing budget in a competitive marketplace.