Preventing Others From Stealing Your Work is Now Possible

Medium posts, guest blogs, and even your company’s own website. These are all places you or your colleagues have probably written about your company, it’s mission, or why you do what it is you do. Luckily for entrepreneurs and those who are launching new products, there are many places to write about the exciting launch that will be seen by hundreds and hopefully thousands of people.

Have you ever thought about what happens when you press submit and your post goes live? Of course you think about all of the reach it’s going to get- tweets, Facebook likes and shares, and endless clicks.  

But what about a week later? Or even two months later, when you move on from that post you spent so much time working on and couldn’t be more proud of the words you had written and of course the traffic it brought to your site. What if someone saw what a great post you created and took a paragraph straight out of your work, and included it in theirs. Copy and paste, minus the citations. How would you know this had occurred?

Until now, this hasn’t been possible. You can Google passages and see if any similar results show up, but you would have to spend a lot of time manually searching for duplicates of different text you have written.  

Tools such as Copyleaks gives you the ability to track and detect if your content is being duplicated without your knowledge. Every time you have a new blog post, research link, or even a document, you can have routine scans for plagiarism done on your work.

Something else to consider before submitting that guest post you’re so excited to share on a major company blog- that will hopefully result in lots of traffic to your own company- is the importance of scanning for duplicate content in your own work. Many times blog managers are checking that the SEO ranking will be high and they want to trust that your work will only bring benefits.  

With digital media becoming the place for news, plagiarism is becoming more and more common. When looking at other work, it’s important to keep best practices in mind so you don’t get called out for plagiarizing content from another writer or agency.

Writing new and unique content is always a great way to kick off the launch of a new product, feature, or even new venture. With the interest in guest blogs and endless platforms to publish whatever you want, getting your word out there will be the least of your worries. Be sure that checking for plagiarism is also something you don’t even need to think twice about.

Keep your content safe from plagiarism with a routine scan so you can be sure your traffic is always going straight to your site.