Nimble’s “Last Contacted” Feature Helps You Engage at the Right Time

Nimble’s new “Last Contacted” feature helps you keep in close touch with contacts when time is of the essence. Relationships stay vibrant, you stay top-of-mind with prospects, and you stay organized and connected when and with whom your presence will make a difference.

There are two ways to use “Last Contacted”:

Using “Last Contacted” When Sorting on a Tag or Saved Search

With sorted lists, you can now see contacts ordered by the last communicated timestamp (for you or your team). When you search a group of contacts (by tag, saved search, pre-created filter, or an advanced search) Nimble will display results in chronological order from the most recent communication backward in time. With this method, you surface time-sensitive relationships and keep the conversation going when it matters most.

For example, meet Josh — a sales guy with a Tag called, “Hot Leads.” He wants to know which of these hot leads he’s communicated with most recently, so he simply sorts on “Last Contacted By Team” from the dropdown menu. Now he can see which of his Hot Leads he’s been in touch with, and which ones he might want to put on his radar screen.

Or vice versa! Say Josh is looking for the group of leads he has not touched for some time. He’d reverse sort his search results from the tag, Hot Leads — sorting on “Last Contacted by Team”. Those with no engagements at all will not have a timestamp on the record, such as Chris Herbert in the screenshot below. Josh could see right away that Chris would be a good outreach choice.

Using “Last Contacted” in an Advanced Search

When you conduct an Advanced Search, you can choose to see the results based on the most recent timestamp.

You can also do an Advanced Search for contacts whom you haven’t touched in a while. Simply go to Advanced Search and set your criteria.

You can also add additional Search criteria. In this example, the system is showing contact records that were created in the last 2 months, but who were last contacted more than 3 weeks ago.

You can dive deeper! Use other Advanced Search criteria, such as contacts based on a specific Location, e.g. San Francisco. Imagine reaching out to regional contacts prior to a big event or conference!

Using the “Last Contacted” Feature with Saved Searches

Manage your time effectively by pairing up Nimble’s “Last Contacted” and “Saved Search” functions. Once you’ve found contacts via Advanced Search, you can save the searches to add to your to-do list in case you don’t have time to reach out to them immediately. This way you can feed new leads found in your database (golden nuggets you didn’t even know you had!) into your sales pipeline.

For more on this feature, visit our Support Center.

Remember, Nimble relationships in business start with the contact record!