NEW Feature! Nimble Today Screen (Beta)

Relevant Insights, Engagement Opportunities, Daily Activities, & More

Today we introduce the first step in our strategy to expand the Insights you get from Nimble: The Today Screen! Think of Today as your new place to start your day– no caffeine, but plenty of engagement.

A number of our Nimble customers have been selected to participate in the beta version of this new Nimble feature. When you open Nimble, some customers will see a new Today Tab on their Tab Bar.

Nimble Today Tab

Thanks to customer research and surveys, we’ve learned the Nimble Daily email is a very popular feature of your contact management — a favorite for many users. With this beta release, we have taken the best of Nimble Daily, augmented it, and put it right into the Nimble app. (Don’t worry, you’ll still get your Nimble Daily email each morning!)

Today gives you an expanded snapshot of the information that matters most to you about your business and your relationships — PLUS a cool new tool to help you turn that information into meaningful action!

The first version of the Today screen has four main sections:

  • Birthdays and Job Changes – Reach out and congratulate or offer good wishes to your contacts as they celebrate milestones that matter to them.

  • Your Engagement Opportunities – Nimble surfaces high-quality engagement opportunities — so the most important people get your attention quickly.

  • To Do Today — Activities and tasks you have assigned (or have had assigned to you by your team members) appear in a neat list. Nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Upcoming Deals — What’s in the pipeline? When it’s time to take action, you’ll be well informed.

Cool New Tool! Reminder Bell Saves You Time!

Nimble's new reminder tool

When you look over Your Engagement Opportunities, you can immediately take action to set a reminder for yourself for any opportunity — right from the Today screen. Set follow-up activities for up to 30 days away using the dropdown menu. Now important conversations won’t get lost — you can be confident that they will appear in your To Do Today list when they’re needed.

The Roadmap

This gives you a first glimpse at Nimble’s expanded Insights strategy. Our intention is to provide a set of activities, based on what you’ve told us — so we help you develop great habits and be more organized and productive.

Along with your morning coffee, you now get an extra jolt of Nimble power, too! We’ve got your back!

This is just the beginning of several useful new Insights features that we’re working on. Nimble is on the move, adding ways to give you peace of mind and save you time. Those customers who have access to the beta Today screen feature, please give us your feedback at [email protected] and tell us how these new capabilities affect your day.