Nimble Tips You Should Steal: Your Top 3 Questions Answered

In case you haven’t heard, last week our team released our latest version of Nimble. Throughout the year, we have been slowly releasing new features such as Segmentation, Group Messaging, Gmail Tracking, etc. We finally decided to give this new bundle of features a name –  Nimble 4.0!

With the release of Nimble 4.0, came a crowd of curious, potential customers. Though the customers may be new, the same onboarding questions remain the same.  In this blog, you’ll find 3 videos with answers to our three most asked questions from new users.  

How do I migrate my contacts from my current CRM To Nimble?

For more information on importing your contacts to Nimble, please take a look at the following support article: Nimble CSV Import Template

Use the template at the bottom of this support article to easy transfer your contact’s information from current CSV file to the Nimble template.

Learn more about creating custom fields here: Nimble Custom Data Fields

How Do I Add My Team To The Account

Getting Started With Nimble (For Teams)

How Do I Organize Contacts Once They Are in Nimble?

Take a look at the following support article to learn more about creating tags and segments:

Nimble Tag Overview

Nimble Segmentation Overview

To learn more about Nimble, feel free to join our Customer Care Team for a live Q&A sessions hosted Monday – Friday from 9AM – 9:30AM PST.  You can also check out our webinars hosted by Jon Ferrara, CEO, on Wednesday from 10AM – 11AM PST.

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Check out our Youtube Channel here: Nimble Introduction Videos

Write us at c[email protected] with any additional questions you may have.