Nimble Smart Contacts App Now Enhanced for Gmail

Now Available in Gmail for all browsers: Chrome, Safari and FireFox

We are excited to announce a few enhancements we have made to the Nimble Smart Contacts App for Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


We all live in our Inbox and also our Social Apps: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

The Nimble Smart Contacts App for Gmail and Google Apps for Work amplifies your Relationship Engagement by giving you visibility into contact and company insights, email, social conversations and signals, calendar activities and follow up reminders — without leaving Gmail or your Social Apps.


Nimble Lives in Your Gmail Inbox With You

We have updated our Nimble Smart Contacts App to enhance your experience in Gmail. We now display the app on the side-bar in Gmail rather than within your email threads. This provides relationship intelligence for every contact all the time.


With this new update, you can hover over any contact in an Gmail thread to bring up their Nimble information, or you can add them to Nimble to begin taking action on your contacts to follow up and turn your relationships into revenue.


Nimble Now Works Everywhere You Work

This exciting update follows a series of releases centered on enabling you to take your Smart Contact records every where you work.  Nimble adds value inside any app in any browser including; Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, Salesforce, Google+, Instagram, AngelList, Crunchbase and many more. Nimble makes it easy to add, update contact and company details with the click of a mouse.


Stay tuned to Nimble for much more to come.  Our Nimble Smart Contacts App is going to get Simply Smarter soon.


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