Nimble Helps Plastick Media Deepen Client Relationships

Meet Cool Startup — Plastick Media

Plastick Media is a growing startup with strong experience — and passion for — both Art and Science. The company is a one-stop destination where businesses can find a team of talented people to create and support a web brand — from aesthetics through technical expertise, and everything in between. Creative content, social media engagement, mobile apps, video technology, graphic design, web development — they have all the expertise in-house.

Finding Nimble

For a design-conscious company like Plastick Media, aesthetics are important.

“Who wants to spend their day surrounded by ugliness and the headache of looking at garish and unappealing screens?” asks Sean Reilly, VP of Business Development. “Nimble is beautiful.”

Sean found Nimble through a recommendation: “I was sitting at my desk complaining about how difficult it was to to be efficient and productive with either of the two popular apps I was using to manage contacts and tasks. My CEO and a client overheard, and suggested trying Nimble. Now I live in Nimble. Every day I hop on and find something new to help me. I’m bringing on several salespeople soon, and they will be using Nimble, for sure.”

More Nimble = More Time

Sean noticed right away that he was saving a lot of time when he had a lot of emails to craft.

“I sometimes have to craft 200 emails at a time, a task that used to take me at least half of my day. I don’t like to just paste in a form letter — I like to keep emails personal, not formulaic.. But to bring myself up to date on what was happening for each recipient so I could engage them, I had to bounce around to see what they’d said on Twitter, or other social sites — very time consuming. Now I just look at the Nimble contact record, get a full view of what’s going on with them, and write a unique letter. Using this technique, I can do the whole campaign in an hour and a half. It’s a way to engage genuinely with a lot of people, and still be economical with my time.”

Authentic Engagement

“One of my favorite mottoes is, ‘If you make a friend, you made a sale’. Nimble helps you keep these relationships vital. Plastick Media is a social business. What that means to me is that I have real relationships — not artificial ones — with the people I interact with. I want our clients to feel that they have good access, to know that we’re involved in their lives and care about them. That’s why the social aspect of Nimble is so great. It’s all right there — no extra steps, no extra clicks, no extra browsers.”

Accountable…To Yourself

“In many ways, Nimble is like having your own personal friendly boss keeping you on track, keeping you accountable — and that boss is … You! When you use Nimble, nothing falls through the cracks.”

Check out Plastick Media on Twitter @plastickmedia or on their blog.