Nimble Connects Microsoft Office

Nimble Now Connects With Your Microsoft Office 365 Calendar

Sync and see all of your Office 365 Calendar Events in Nimble on the web and on the go.

We’re excited to share that you may now sync your Microsoft Office 365 calendars to your Nimble account.
One of the biggest benefits of syncing your calendar accounts to Nimble is that we’ll automatically relate your calendar events to the people, companies, and deals you track in Nimble, meaning that you’ll no longer have to manually track calendar events in two places at once.

Viewing Office 365 Events in Nimble

Once your sync is set up, events will be visible within the Contacts, Activities, and Deals sections of Nimble.

Here’s a quick shot of how your Office 365 events will appear on our Agenda tab


Nimble provides both a list/Agenda view and a traditional Calendar view of your events.

Create Events in Nimble or sync them over from Office 365




Once you create an event in Nimble, it’ll appear on a record to help you see your meeting history.


Syncs Events Across All Your Nimble Apps

We’ve built Nimble to be the CRM that works for you, everywhere you work, meaning that we’ll keep you connected to your important events even when you’re on the go or working in another browser tab. If you’re running our Nimble Smart Contacts app or mobile applications for iOS and Android, you’ll see your events related to contacts while you’re on the go.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 8.19.34 AM

Ready to get started? Connect your calendar in Settings >> Networks & Imports or read more on our FAQ.

Technical Notes:

  • You’ll need an Office 365 subscription to be able to sync your calendar from Outlook to Nimble.
  • Events are synced from Office 365 to Nimble on an hourly basis when you are actively signed into Nimble and every 3 hours if you are not actively signed into Nimble.
  • Events created in Nimble will be synced to Office 365 on the web and desktop immediately.
  • If you would like to edit or delete an event after it has been created, you will be redirected to make changes in Office 365.
  • Invitees for events will receive an invitation in their email inbox.