Nimble Launches Multiple Custom Deal Pipeline Management

Multiple Deal Pipelines

There are a lot of moving parts when managing your sales, marketing campaigns and press outreach, and quite frankly, they don’t all fit the same mold. To help you and your team manage multiple outreach campaigns and sales opportunities, we’ve introduced multiple pipelines as well as multi-pipeline reports.

With today’s update, you can easily create unlimited pipelines, each with different stages to help you stay on top of your various Nimble tasks and opportunities.


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Using Multiple Pipelines for Sales
If your company operates across different verticals, sells multiple products, or has distinct funnels (for example: renewals, upselling and new sales), you may want to track all these separate processes in Nimble, your team’s single system of record, rather than across multiple applications, spreadsheets, or even worse, sticky notes.

Say your organization is split up between Sales Development Representatives who book demos and meetings for Account Executives, AE’s who demo then produce, cultivate relationships into deals and deals into sales, and Account Managers who upsell to or renew existing customers. Managing all three of these processes likely requires three different workflows; each can be easily configured into stages to help you manage your process.

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Using Multiple Pipelines for Press, Influencer, and Business Development Outreach
While Nimble’s deal pipeline is a powerful sales enablement tool, it’s useful for any public relations, marketing, business development or fundraising projects.  It is useful whenever you want help systemizing outreach and making sure that everything on your to-do list winds up on your done list, and your outreach is documented as you work

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Open a deal to see your relationship history, tasks, events notes, and other social insights related to people and companies involved in the deal.

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Easily configure stages unique to your pipeline workflow.

Using Multiple Pipelines for Project Management
In addition to managing your sales, you might need a simple way to manage tasks related to projects that you work on throughout your week. Just navigate to Settings >> Pipelines and add the stages for your project to have a simple Kanban board to visualize and manage your tasks.

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See the status of your projects from our simple Kanban Board view.

Reporting on Multiple Pipelines
Check out the performance of each pipeline to see where your team needs to focus their efforts. View reports for each of your pipelines on the Reports tab in Nimble.

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Simply switch between pipelines to see where you need to focus your needs.

Ready to get started?
Multiple pipelines are available for our Nimble Business plan with no limit on the number of pipelines. Organize and create pipelines for your team today or learn more on our FAQ.

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