Nimble Launches Android Smart Contacts App

We are excited to announce that Nimble has released a native Android app to deliver intelligent relationship insights for our customers, on the road and on the go, with Android, the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide. It is available free for download in the Google Play Store.


In today’s over connected world you need help connecting and staying connected with people that matter. Our customers have come to depend on our Nimble Smart Contacts and Intelligent Insights in our Nimble platform. But they work in many places outside of Nimble. They live in their inbox, they surf social networks, they live on their mobile and even in spend time in their companies many Saas business apps. In keeping with our Everywhere You Work strategy, the release of our Nimble Android Mobile app, continues the extension of Nimble into all of the places our customers work including our Nimble Chrome App, iOS App, Gmail App, Outlook App, HootSuite App and now Android to empower our customers to take Nimble’s Smart Contact Insights with them Everywhere and Anywhere.

Hear What the Experts Say About Nimble’s Android App

“Nimble’s Android App is my secret social selling tool for nurturing the large network of business relationships I have.” said Chris Voss, CEO of The Chris Voss Show.

With Nimble, business people are better prepared to connect in smarter, relevant and more authentic ways with their contacts, prospects and customers powered by intelligent insights. Nimble reviews information from dozens of sources around the web, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare, and collects public information into an invaluable resource that helps business professionals be better prepared for sales calls, meetings and interviews.

Here is what Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara had to say, “Nimble has re-imagined customer relationship management by pioneering the world’s first Intelligent Social Relationship Manager by creating a platform that makes it simple to connect, nurture and grow your professional business network.. With the release of our Android mobile platform we are extending where and how our customers can use Nimble’s intelligent contact insights to power their network and grow their business.”

Key Features of the Android app include:

Our complete mobile redesign makes it faster and easier for you to find, add and edit your contacts on the go. Salespeople with jam packed days will appreciate the ability to immediately log notes and schedule follow up activities as soon as your sales call ends.

Other exciting features include Smart Summaries providing at-a-glance details for all contacts enhanced with social profile data, Stay-in-touch reminders to make it easy to organize and execute follow-ups, and Automatic Social Profile Matching to bring together contact and profile data together in one place.

Smart Social Relationship Manager: Nimble combines your contacts from (Google Contacts, Outlook and Apple Address Book), maps and discovers the most important contact information on the web (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, FourSquare, Instagram and more), connects your email, calendar and social interactions and then keeps it up-to-date and in-sync on a daily basis.

Automatic Social Profile Matching: Nimble takes the work out of searching for people on the web by automatically mapping the social profiles of your contacts and consolidating the key background information you need learn what matters most to them before reaching out to connect.

Intelligent Insights: To prepare for important business meetings, Nimble helps you do your homework by seeking out intelligent insights via the web and social networks. Before meeting with someone or extending an invitation to connect, you need context about them: mutual interests, shared passions and common connections.

Stay Top-Of-Mind with Stay-in-Touch Reminders: One thing I love about Nimble is how Nimble automatically logs email conversations and social connections making it easy for you to set a stay-in-touch cycle. Follow up is key to nurturing and maintaining great business relationships, so let Nimble remind you when it is time to reconnect.

Simply Organize with Tags, Tasks and Notes: Effortlessly organize contacts with tags, log details about the people you meet with notes and remember to follow-up with tasks.

Nimble is a pioneer in Social CRM and Social Selling for individuals and teams. Building upon our innovative ability to create and update social profiles dynamically, Nimble now puts social overlay information into your inbox, mobile device, web browser, and line of business applications making our platform a true enterprise customer enablement application.

Nimble Works Where You Work

Business moves quickly, and you need flexible options. The new Nimble Android app is the latest release of Nimble’s Smart Contacts Insights that we’ve announced over the past few months. In future releases, other Nimble features you’ve come to rely on will be added: deals, reporting and more!

Nimble has been extending its pioneering Social Relationship Management Platform to work every where their customers work. Nimble now delivers critical contact context and intelligent relationship insights in Chrome, Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Safari, Firefox, Hootsuite, Android and soon, Salesforce.

What are you waiting for? Download the NEW Nimble Android app from the Google Play store to get started…today!

Photo Credit: Rob Bulmahn