Nimble Launches in the Google Chrome Store

We’re excited to say that Nimble is now available as an app in Google’s Chrome Web Store!

“Our immediate availability in the Google Chrome Web Store makes it even easier for the millions of small businesses who are leveraging social media and cloud computing to more effectively engage with their customers and grow their business,” said Gilles Marchand, Nimble’s co-founder and VP Product.

“Our seamless integration with other cloud applications, such as Hubspot for social marketing, and Wufoo and MailChimp for simple low-cost marketing, makes Nimble the heart and soul of tomorrow’s social business today.”

“As a Google Apps CRM solution provider, we understand the value Nimble brings to the Google Apps community, and we are very excited to see the Launch of Nimble Google Chrome Extension,” said Crisantos Hajibrahim, Managing Partner, ViWo, a leading Google Apps Reseller.

“ViWo really believes that the Chrome browser and Chrome netbooks are the future for businesses in cloud computing. And with Nimble’s integration with the Chrome browser, this just proves that Nimble is thinking onward with precise vision.”

Nimble has been optimized to leverage the speed and features of the Chrome browser. While Nimble and the Chrome Web Store can be accessed using any browser, only Chrome browser users can install and add the app shortcut from the Chrome Web Store.

To find Nimble in the Chrome Web Store users simply need to search for “Nimble” and follow the instructions for adding the app or go to: