Nimble CRM Integrations: 5 Tools For Closing Deals Faster

One of the biggest challenges for salespeople is figuring out a way to close more deals faster. 

Getting prospects to respond on time, pay invoices on time, or sign contracts to get projects off the ground is often slow and tedious.

This only leads to project delays and subsequently, worse cash flow. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

There are plenty of tools you can integrate directly with your CRM to help you close faster and more efficiently. 

With these five CRM integrations, you’ll be closing more sales in no time!

1. PandaDoc – Automate Your Contract Management 

You just hopped off an amazing sales call. You and your potential client both agreed-upon terms, conditions, and the projects head.

Flash forward to a few days after that; they still haven’t signed the contract. Do you send another follow-up email? Do you ping them for revisions that you’ll have to manually fix on your end? 

All of those options are sub-par, and this scenario is all too common in sales. So, how do you fix it? 

Look no further than PandaDoc contract management software. PandaDoc allows your sales team to automate the contract process from draft to revision requesting, culminating in a secure online signature to kickstart the project: 


And the best part? PandaDoc integrates directly with Nimble, allowing you to draft proposals, contracts, and more right inside Nimble CRM. 

Within your CRM, you can view the status of contracts and proposals, with automated intelligence on the best times to follow up for higher close rates. 

The contract process doesn’t have to take weeks or months — not with PandaDoc integrated into your CRM.

2. Intuit Quickbooks – Invoice Without Lifting a Finger

Whether it’s with new or existing customers, professional invoicing is key for making a good impression. 

Smooth invoicing can help you charge customers faster — and therefore get you paid faster. But creating line items for each customer and updating both your invoicing software and CRM is a waste of time. 

With Intuit Quickbooks and your CRM, you can set triggers via Zapier to create new payments, update invoices, create expenses, and more: 


Using “if – then” logic, for example, when a new contact gets added to Nimble, you can create a bill for them or an estimate. 

Once created, both your CRM and Quickbooks get updated to reflect new changes, saving you valuable data entry time. 

Set automation to remind your clients when invoices are due, and if they are past due. 

If you are struggling with efficient invoicing, try utilizing this integration to close deals faster. 

3. 366 Degrees – Nurture With Sales Enablement

Average conversion rates from leads to sales drop off heavily.

Getting leads is hard enough, but converting those leads into qualified prospects and finally into actual customers is slim. 

On average, it might only be a few of your qualified leads that convert, let alone leads in general. 

Nurturing your leads via sales enablement helps to develop a relationship and present solutions to pain points.

Doing so now takes more effort and optimization. That’s where 366 Degrees comes into play: 

366 degrees

366 Degrees is built for nurturing your leads via omnichannel marketing. With features like a landing page builder for personalized campaigns and email marketing, you get an all-in-one suite of marketing tech to better engage prospects throughout your funnel. 

Connecting to Nimble, you can sync contacts, engagement history, calendars, and how each lead responds to marketing messaging.

This gives you deep insight into what factors of your product or service are most compelling for a given lead, making your ability to present a solution much easier. 

Leads need more nurturing than ever before. If you want to convert them faster and in higher percentages, you need better data on what they want, need, and are willing to buy. 

Using custom campaigns with 366 Degrees and Nimble you can do just that. 

4. Wufoo – Automate Form Data

One of the most time-consuming tasks for sales staff (according to HubSpot) is manual data entry. 

This commonly happens when forms are filled out whether it’s customer information or payments. 

As your business scales and grows, manual data entry is a recipe for slower deals. It takes longer, the margin of error is higher, and customers expect lightning-fast service.

On top of that, non-updated information can lead to poor customer service and worse, the loss of valuable clients. 

Thankfully, Wufoo automated forms exist to help eliminate tons of data entry from your life, giving you the most up-to-date info on customers and leads.


With Wufoo and your CRM, you can automate forms for customer information, data, direct payments, and more. Updated information and payments then can by synced with your CRM to showcase the latest data. 

Wufoo can integrate smoothly with your CRM, meaning you won’t have to transfer or copy any data from your form submissions to your CRM for it to update.

5. Recurly – Minimize Customer Churn 

Customer churn is inevitable. There will always be a flow of customers coming and going from your business.

With that said, that doesn’t mean you can sit back and watch as it happens. 

Instead, you should be proactively fighting against your churn rate to keep customers happy. 

With Recurly subscription management, AI technology works to figure out where failed subscriptions in your CRM went wrong and proactively works to fix them. 


Integrating with Nimble, you can tie your subscription management directly to your contacts. 

If a subscription fails, Recurly will use AI to find the problem, solve it, and then automatically update and refresh your CRM data. 

How’s that for automation, accuracy, and minimizing customer churn?  


Finally signing the dotted line and closing a sale can be one of the hardest parts of actually selling. 

Contracts often lag, invoices get delayed, and there is a lot of manual data entry involved.

Using these integrations, you can ensure a smoother transition from lead in your CRM to a paying client. 

Put these CRM integrations to work today and you’ll see dramatic improvements in your speed and efficiency when closing.