Apps-Travaganza! Nimble Now Integrates With 120+ Business Applications

We’ve not blogged about our Apps Marketplace in quite a while… Which isn’t to say that we haven’t been busy adding useful functionality for Nimble customers as part of a larger business workflow.

Some of the heaviest lifting is done by third party integrators such as itDuzzit, and new partner, Cazoomi. The good folks at Cazoomi have developed Sync Apps, which offer two-way sync for MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Act-On, and Netsuite. The ability to tie sales to exactly where prospects are in the sales cycle, as well as manage your subscription lists globally and tie into the engagement platform of Nimble is hugely beneficial.

Sync Apps enables impeccable data hygiene, beyond frequently syncing data. Nimble contacts have a higher precedence than your Email Service Provider platform, so any changes made in Nimble will always be updated down to your Email Service Provider (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response) or Marketing automation suite like (ExactTarget, Act-On).

Nimble also has a number of new direct integrations to announce:

Easily Share Content Online! provides an interactive environment for publishing and distributing documents online. edocr allows you to see who read your documents and the actions they performed and easily export document leads to Nimble for nurturing and engaging.

Benefits: The integration between edocr and Nimble enables leads captured by to be exported in real-time as prospects into Nimble.  Then within Nimble, leads are enriched with documents alongside a contact’s social profile, data, and communications. This automatic process shortens lead qualification time and aids lead nurturing, helping salespeople to be more effective and close more deals.

Social Bro

Get accurate information about your community, get to know your audience in depth, and interact efficiently with your contacts. With the powerful search options, bring your target audience of clients, customers and influencers into clear focus .

Benefits: Research and add new contacts to Nimble. Social Bro lets you identify and engage with prospects. Once you have identified new business opportunities you can then easily import their data into Nimble for future engagement and communication recording. After the contact has been imported you can conveniently view Nimble profile data from within the Social Bro platform and click through to all available social networks.

Watch the screencast!

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share, and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple and effective. With the Nimble integration, create personalized emails for key contacts.

Benefits: Export key prospects from Nimble and wow them with beautiful, customized email campaigns. Close deals faster and add value to your daily communications.

Watch how Mad Mimi works with Wufoo and Google Talk.

Watch how Mad Mimi works with Nimble and QuickBooks


Twtrland locates new business opportunities on Twitter and Instagram. Easily pinpoint your ideal prospect by using a combination of keywords, demographics, location, and related skill sets.

Benefits: Advanced research on prospects, influencers. As Twtrland finds new leads for you, import them into Nimble for engagement and tracking — kick social selling up a notch! Let Nimble remind you when and where you should reach out and never lose track of important contacts again.


Leaderboarded uses the power of gamification to drive behavior with non-financial rewards. Engage with your networks in a new and fun way and easily surface new business opportunities. They Play. You Close Deals.

Benefits: Identify highly engaged community members and import them into Nimble for personalized engagement and tracking.


Increase Your Conversions with awesome customer service. ClickDesk is a powerful multi-platform customer service tool combining chat, voice, email, and social. Engage your website visitors via the customer service channel they prefer.

Benefits: The Nimble ClickDesk integration allows you to pull, push contact records into live chat so you and your team can easily reference prior conversations, general customer data, and relevant notes. More knowledge, more history, more conversion.


Our philosophy is to make Nimble as useful and versatile a worktool as it can be. We’re working with many technology partners to bring you more app integrations throughout this year — lots of cool companies on the radar screen!