Nimble Public Relations Hacking with Trial Lawyer Mitch Jackson

Amplifying sales using social media and various digital tools is a major topic in today’s business communities. Each day, hoards of hopeful sellers and marketers turn to a multitude of informative blogs, social influencers, and podcasting gurus for details on how to up their game. There’s no shortage of advisors.

But it’s the people from all walks of life who dare to actually execute these genius hacks who inspire the rest of us to take action.  A case in point: Check out how this smart and savvy lawyer newsjacked stories about California law enacted to combat sextortion.

Mitch Jackson, named “Trial Lawyer of the Year” in Orange County, CA, is a personal injury trial lawyer with a private practice stemming back to 1986. He’s been honored as a “Southern California Super Lawyer” and has earned a rating of 10.0 through the AVVO lawyer rating system. Mitch has effectively utilized social media and proactive newsjacking to enhance his brand and his practice.

Mitch recently divulged his favorite newsjacking PR hack to Mark Fidelman, Fanatics Media CEO and host of the Nimble Growth Hacking video series.

To see how Mitch is exercising his authority with Nimble, check out the full interview, above. You can also read more about his strategy, below.

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How Mitch Uses Nimble for Newsjacking

Years ago, Mitch began practicing what is known as “newsjacking;” a method of capitalizing on a trending news story to gain greater notoriety and success.

“What a perfect profession to share my input, my commentary, on a breaking news story.  Reporters locally, nationally, and globally would reach out for my unique perspective – maybe something only a lawyer can share about a breaking news story that might have something to do with the law.”

Mitch recognized that news stories featuring his insights had a consistently positive impact on his brand and his practice.  In essence, the high-profile press platform offers “both a “short-term impact and a long-term impact if you go about it the right way.”

Naturally, the advent of social media and the smartphone allowed Mitch to evolve his newsjacking practice and amplify his efforts.

Fast forward to more recent history, when Mitch wrote a blog spurred by new California laws about “sextortion,” where people use a sex tape to extort their former lovers.  USA Today’s Maria Punte uncovered it more than a year after its initial publication while researching the Rob Kardashian / Blac Chyna story.

Viewing Mitch as a potential expert on the topic, she reached out to Mitch for his input on the breaking story.  Here is where Nimble comes into play:

“We keep a database of the reporters who[m] we connect with. When we’re done, I’ll say, ‘The next time there is a breaking news story, please reach out to me, but I can also reach out to you if it’s something I comment on. Would you like me to do that?’”

Mitch found that most reporters were extremely receptive to his offer and were more than willing to give him their social profiles, email address, and other contact information.

“I’ve got a database set up in MailChimp and [it] has several hundred people. [But] before we put anybody in MailChimp, we run their information through Nimble. Nimble allows us to keep track of what the reporters are talking about. So, the next time there’s a breaking news story, I go into Nimble and check whether or not the reporters who I have relationships with are talking about this breaking news story. If they are, then I immediately reach out to them…”

Mitch is utilizing Nimble’s capabilities in a unique, creative, and effective fashion. While his newsjacking hack is sure to inspire scores of PR pros, virtually any professional can use Nimble to monitor news writers and reach out proactively to those covering related topics.

Where to Meet Mitch Online

Mitch has plenty of other great information to share on social media and digital legal services that you can check out at Streaming.Lawyer. Also, be sure to follow Mitch on Twitter to join his social media community or start a conversation by commenting on this post.