New Nimble Version Drives Social Selling and Customer Engagement

Nimble is putting the magic in social selling by bringing authentic and relevant social discovery, engagement, and collaboration.

We’d like to introduce our latest Nimble release¬†– with new tools to empower you to nurture your customers through social listening and engagement so you can turn your social communities into customers for life.

So what’s new in Nimble? Take a look below.

New Features In Nimble That Will Empower Your Social Selling Efforts

(For the complete list, check out:¬†What’s New in Nimble)

1. Task Notifications

Too often when you assign a task to someone on your team, it drops into a black hole of obscurity. Is the person you assigned the task to aware of it? Has the work been completed or reassigned? Now with Nimble’s task notifications, teams can work more effectively. You’ll be informed in your inbox each time a team member assigns, comments on, deletes, or completes a task.

2. Nimble Daily Digest – Engagement Opportunities

In addition to the already powerful Nimble Daily Digest that notifies you of birthdays, jobs changes, and upcoming activities, Nimble has added a section called “Engagement Opportunities.” With this section, Nimble looks at all the social activity around you and picks out meaningful engagement opportunities with new and existing connections. These opportunities are derived from your various social networks in Nimble’s Social tab.

3. Rapportive Widget

Most people spend a big chunk of their day in their favorite email application, but the email app isn’t usually connected to their CRM. Introducing Nimble Raplet – a rapportive widget that sits inside your most-used app, Gmail. When reading an email from a Nimble contact, hover your mouse over the contact’s name in Rapportive to get her profile information. If the contact can’t be found, simply import her in with a single action.

4. Social Profile Mapping

Tired of dedicating so much time to finding and matching social profiles to contacts so you can get deeper insights on them? Now Nimble helps you with that by automatically matching social identities to contacts when it’s confident in a match using its powerful proprietary algorithms.

5. Social Streams in the Contact Card

Nimble aims to transform contacts from one-dimensional cards into rich, three-dimensional, living and breathing persons. In addition to linking all your communications to each contact and providing quick access to social profiles, Nimble displays a consolidated view of social streams – across all the contacts’ social networks within the contact card. Opening a contact record is now like opening a book into the life of the person!

These are five of many new features in Nimble.

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