New Nimble Social Selling App Delivers Relationship IQ

Nimble continues to add value to your Social Selling workflow.

Social Selling signals, messages and notifications are invaluable to today’s social seller. With the Nimble Smart Contacts Widget, you are able to capture information available in many other places including anywhere on the Internet, social networks or your email inbox.  

At Nimble, we continue to innovate based on the feedback from our customers. As a result, today we roll out an even more powerful, easier to use widget.

Our New Nimble Smart Contacts Widget for the Chrome Browser, now lets you add, view and engage contacts in every App in your browser with the click of a new Nimble browser button and Smart Sidebar Application. Nurturing relationships – in advance of possible sales opportunities – just moved to an entirely new level.

See the Nimble Smart Contacts Widget in Action

As you browse profiles in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Angel list or any browser based application with our new one-click Nimble Browser button and smart sidebar application, you can easily import those social connections into your Nimble database.

Your ability to create, view and manage smart contact profiles anywhere you work just became even easier than before.

Click Here to Install the New Nimble Smart Contacts Chrome Widget

You already know that the Nimble Everywhere Browser Widget follows you and what you are browsing in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Until now, that meant you could be viewing someone’s LinkedIn profile, and with a simple right click of your mouse, you could add their contact details and source their social networks  – on the fly –  into the pop-up widget stored in your Nimble account. Now you can “hover and discover” in a more robust and insightful way.

Here’s Why You’ll Love the New Widget

Let’s say that I notice that a target prospect has viewed my LinkedIn profile. Good news, right? Well, I don’t really know. I have no context as to why they viewed my profile.

Since I’m a big proponent of doing research and homework before attempting to start a conversation with someone I don’t know yet, I’m going to hover or click on their name,  add them to my Nimble database if they currently are not included and begin to pay attention to what’s important to them. I’ll monitor what they talk about, the content they share, who they follow on Twitter and so on. I will participate in conversations they are contributing to and/or start sharing their content to give them visibility and exposure within my network.


Helping others is part of my personal Social Selling manifesto. I believe that when you give first – authentically, of course – others naturally want to reciprocate. Using Nimble’s Smart Contact Widget, you will learn  from the social insights about people you’d like to get to know, and you will uncover clues that present opportunities to engage them directly.

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Install the Widget Now

I know you will love this expanded feature as much as I do. Download the widget, try it out for yourself and then come back and share your stories of how it is working for you!

Click Here to Install the New Nimble Smart Contacts Chrome Widget