New Feature! Link Nimble Contact Record with Useful External Web Pages

The Nimble Contact Record Just Got a Lot More Powerful

On your Nimble Contact records, you can now easily add a tab to display web pages from the Internet, customized with specific information about your Contact.

The power of this feature is that it brings useful information right into Nimble so you can work more efficiently and productively.  Nimble users can link to any system, and Nimble partners can create links to add value to their customers.  External data comes directly into Nimble – no integration required.

Using External Web Pages

An external link could be anything from Bing Maps to an accounting system used for invoices.  A salesperson could see a prospect’s exact location, for instance, or look up related news about the Contact on TechCrunch. A realtor could view a client’s neighborhood, or research home values right from the Contact record.

Does a customer have a question? With the link in place, you could view their purchase history and account information. Check on projects, support tickets, invoices, surveys, or search news sites – without ever leaving Nimble!

To add an external website to the Contact sub-tab bar:

  1. Go to Settings >Integrations.
  2. Next to “External Web pages” select Enable. This will bring up the option to Add a web page.
  3. When you select Add a web page the form opens up to insert the link and link title.
  4. Lastly, add supported parameters such as contact name, address, or email address to customize the link to the Contact. You choose the parameter based on what information you are searching for about your Contact. For instance, a map site would use a location parameter.

Here’s what the link for Yahoo News would look like:{contact_name}&fr=sfp&pqstr={contact_name}

And here’s what the resulting link would show about your Contact:

TIP: Remember, in Nimble, a Contact can be a person or a company. This means that if you want to search TechCrunch for company news, you would go to the Company record to display the web page; if you wanted to check TechCrunch for information about a person, you would start from the Person contact record. Learn more about configuring URLs and parameters in the full FAQ

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