How to Attach Google Drive Documents to Nimble Contact Records and Deals

You speak. We listen. Then deliver! Yes, our users inspired us to fulfill their second most requested new feature for Nimble  — Google Drive Integration.

You are always looking for Google Apps integration points, and our crack engineering team is on board and diving deeper, as we start delivering presents to all our users this holiday season! (BTW, stay tuned for our December to Remember — plenty more of what we in America call stocking stuffers — in the coming days)


An integration with Google Drive represents a major convenience and improvement to your daily Nimble workflow. Just as you attach Dropbox files in Nimble, you can now add them directly from Google Drive.

Here’s how it works — easy as pie:

You’ll see that the document is now attached:

Another area where this feature is very useful is in the Deals Tab:

Nimble already gives you all of the stages and phased engagement opportunities as you work through deals, but rarely does a deal go by without the need for documents like non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s), marketing collateral, proposals, and other miscellaneous but critical components that you’ll want to be able to see at a glance — all in one place.

With Google Drive integration, your trusted source of all contact management is one step closer. And you’re one step closer to centralizing all the important information you need in one location.

We’re very grateful to our users for their support and suggestions. Do you have a feature you’d like to see added to your Nimble experience? Go to the Nimble Idea Forum and add your thoughts. As you can see from today’s announcement, we pay close attention to these suggestions. In addition, in preparation for an upcoming Q1 2014 release, we are letting some of our Nimble users access features early so that they can provide feedback to us before we release to the world. Should you see a new feature preview, please do give us your feedback.

This new ability to attach documents directly from your Google Drive is just the start of some serious deeper integrations with Google. There’s much more in store in 2014!

Alyson Stone is director of content strategy at Nimble and a frequent contributor to the blog.