Marketing Hacks for Growing a Successful Business

As an entrepreneur, your obvious goal, ultimately, is to have a successful business.

When starting a business there are many things to consider. Learning how to grow your business step-by-step at each marketing level is very important in maintaining successful sales. There are various marketing tools you can use to ensure your business is as successful as you intended it to be.

Create an attractive offer

The more irresistible the offer you’re more likely to draw in more customers and to find your niche. Once you have locked down your particular offer, you should know exactly who your target audience is and have a good idea of what your customer needs are by user segmentation.

Basically, it means taking your customer base and dividing them into groups. This allows your company to have a more effective approach when relating to customer needs and increase sales. Here is a list of things that makes a company’s offer desirable to their audience:

  • It’s straightforward and short
  • It solves the problem
  • It touches on social issues
  • It has a locked in a guarantee
  • It makes your customers respond and take action

Understand User Experience

Do you know what your customers like? You should know what user experiences are by examining your site at every step of engagement. This includes user access either through their mobile device or directly on your platform. Poor customer experiences can ultimately decrease sales and hurt your visibility online.

Refrain from using an abundance of ads and creating a site that is hard or difficult to engage. Review your site to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary items that are clouding your site’s true focus. Allow users to navigate smoothly and easily. There shouldn’t be any disruptions when customers are moving through your site.

Have something of value

Research shows customers are unlikely to initially purchase on the first engagement. It might take upwards of at least 90 days to 18 months to receive a sale on any of your products or services. Your job is to be alert and ready to serve the customer when they make that transaction. Create relationships with your customers.

Make it a point to give something away before you ask for the sale. If you help them, they’ll help you. Draw your customers in with a lead magnet. Give them something they can latch onto and take action on resulting in a sale. Your site should be clear, concise and filled with viable information that is a simple read. There’s nothing wrong with creating a smart list that gives customers some value to hold on to.

Connect with your subscribers

This is an excellent growth hack to keep your customers coming back for more. It’s not uncommon to use an email sequence to draw them in and therefore develop a relationship with each customer as time passes. That connection can lead to them eventually purchasing something from your company. Try to send a subscriber email at least once a day.

However, avoid inundating them with just products, but offer ideas and how your products can actually help them. Basically, give them advice they can use and might need. Sound friendly in your emails and talk to them as if you’ve been knowing them for a long time. The goal here is to think about acquiring sales down the road and having a strategy that works.

Don’t forget conversions and optimization

Your offer must be converting or you will not be able to optimize. This goes back to your initial offer and asking yourself is it good? You may find yourself having to go back and rework your offer to make sure it is attractive to customers.

Find tools to track all conversions on your site and you may reconsider designing a funnel by using specific software. Many entrepreneurs can often fail to understand terms such as cost per click and cost per acquisition. All of your site ads must be converting as well as your traffic.

What social media channels are you using?

It’s imperative that your social media sites work. When customers click on them is should always send them to the appropriate place. Further, your social media channels need to correlate with your business mission and target marketing.

A post on one social media site might not work on another kind of social media site. Stay aligned with your business’s focus. Always consider the type of customers on each social media channel in relation to your business marketing goals.

Buzz topics

Many entrepreneurs have often used current news events to help promote their brands. This is often done in blog posts and by a simple update to their social media feeds. The goal here is to lead with caution, particularly, if the news item has a tragic element.

Overall, this can be a great tactic to use, if done properly, especially if you are following breaking news on topics that relate to your business.

Does your brand name match your business?

A short concise name that sums up your business as a whole can be very effective. You also want to consider how your brand name ranks online. Creating a catchy name free of any negative assumptions can go a long way.

Growth opportunities

You should try becoming good at spotting opportunities that ultimately bring in more customers and extends your business’s audience. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different ideas to see which ones stick.

This is a great method to determine what works and what doesn’t. For example, Automobile giant like Ford is not fearing to build AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven vehicles. There are chances that the emerging technology could create wonders or blunders for the company.

Their latest model features smart technologies like SYNC which is a voice-activated technology has set their initial steps towards AI technology. Keep in mind, every business is different and what works for one business may not work for yours. Refrain from copying other organizations strategies, but instead work hard to figure out your own company’s unique growth model that can be effective and increase sales.

Overall, when attempting to grow your business in a healthy successful strategic way, your company will ultimately grow in profits. Every business has a variety of levels they must cross and understand to effectively obtain customer sales.

More importantly, understanding your brand and the type of customers that buy your product will help you in the end. Positive thinking can go a long way as well. Developing a strong strategy of marketing tools will enhance your organization’s growth over time.