How to Put Your Marketing Data to Good Use With Automation And AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has advanced to the point of being a vital part of marketing in today’s business world. 

Sorting through all the available data with a computer to analyze seems crazy when compared to what machines are capable of today. Adding AI to your marketing automation gives you an edge over the competition. However, just how do you mesh the two together without losing quality or that personal touch?

About 88% of marketers are already using artificial intelligence, according to a study by Forrester Consulting and Albert Technologies. Even though a mere 26% currently use autonomous AI, allowing programs to call the shots and make independent decisions about marketing choices is likely the next phase in the process. 

Even small businesses benefit from automated marketing. Here are six ways to put your marketing data into play and put your promotional efforts on autopilot.

1. Segment Customers

As savvy marketers know, dividing your customers allows you to better meet their needs and drive sales. AI can sort customer data into specific and complex groupings that marketing professionals can then study and promote to. 

Offers then become highly personalized to specific buyer personas. Little nuances that marketers might have missed before the digital age can now drive the interactions between a company and its consumers and result in more conversions.



2. Increase Productivity

Workers spend as much as 20% of their workday on tasks that could easily be automated. Automation in areas such as accounts payable can save businesses time and money. 

Look for repetitive tasks in your work that could easily be handled by a computer. Freeing up your marketing department with extra time results in more creative and unique campaigns. 



3. Use Data for Better CRM

Have you noticed that visiting an e-commerce site repeatedly often results in listings for particular “items that might interest you”? This repeat marketing strategy is thanks to AI technology. Better customer relationship management (CRM) works on autopilot when you gather data on past browsing and buying behaviors and then serve up content geared toward each individual.

The system learns a person’s browsing and buying habits and serves up content specifically geared to what they might purchase. This practice results in highly personalized content, as well as exponentially increased chances of raising the consumer’s interest. 

Automation also works with current customers in showing them new products based on past preferences. You can create use automation and segment your current customers into groups and then send out email marketing campaigns to specific groups.



4. Match the Look

The clothing industry, in particular, is making big marketing advances using AI. Computers are better at recognizing images than ever before, and some companies take advantage of this opportunity by allowing users to upload a photo of themselves in an outfit they love. The computer then analyzes the style and offers comparable selections the person might be interested in.

Target and Asos both use this technology. For example, Asos uses a program called Style Match. The system allows shoppers to upload a photo — not necessarily of the person, but of a style they like. Then, the system pulls up similar options from the store’s catalog.



5. Improve Your Reputation

One of AI’s most significant recent advances is in the area of natural language processing (NLP). In the State of AI Report for 2019, researchers found machines performed better than humans in some areas of language. 

NLP breakthroughs are happening at a much faster pace than anyone predicted, and machines are learning and acquiring common sense ability and reasoning.

Marketers can use AI to monitor language on social media and alert you if your brand’s reputation suffers so that you can act quickly and decisively. You can also utilize computers to grab out the best reviews and use them as testimonials when promoting your brand.



6. Program Ad Targeting

Determining how much to bid on a specific advertising keyword has been a guessing game at best. Many factors are at play. While marketers can make an educated guess on what will get their content seen, they aren’t always right.

Instead, AI can take all the available data, analyze it and provide some deeper insight into when, where and how much to pay for ads. 

Programmatic advertising works for social media sites such as Facebook as well as search engine advertising. Facebook even offers some automated insight into how well ads perform so that marketers get a handle on what they’re doing well and what they need to adjust.



Become a Visionary

AI is impacting more than just the marketing industry — it’s transforming the world around us. In the coming years, more daily tasks will be automated. The changes are sure to change society and the way consumers interact with brands. 

It’s important to look ahead and predict what might shift in the coming years. The better you understand the technology, the easier it will be for you to take advantage of the benefits of AI and automation and grow your company’s reach.