Making Every Dollar Count Online

There is no alternative to combating the oversaturated marketing online other than more detailed and placement. You need to know exactly where your audience is, what they will respond to and how often you need to engage them to maximize results.


Fortunately, there are many tools that will allow business people to make every dollar count online. Most of these tools have to do with programmatic media buying, or automating the process of buying ads in strategic locations using certain online media. It is the same concept as ad purchases for more traditional media such as TV and radio.

What does programmatic media buying do for a company?

Part of what creates the desire for a relationship with a business in the mind of a consumer is trust. Many popular websites can help a business create this trust between the consumer and the producer through proper placement of ads. However, these ads must be placed relatively frequently. More importantly, the ads must be scheduled to appear at the same time and in the same place.

The relationship that you create with a popular website through this kind of media buying is also an invaluable asset. If you are having a sale or you need a flurry of ads on short notice, you will be much more likely to get this favor from a website that can actually get the word out to your audience. This post highlights the importance of data in any programmatic campaign.

Finding the Right Websites

In order to get the best value for your dollar, you need to find the appropriate websites to advertise on. There are many different analytics that you can use in order to disseminate your demographic assuming that you understand who they are and why they are purchasing your product. You may have to engage in some multivariate testing between websites before you find the ones that will actually create the most ROI for your advertising dollar.

Generic analytics sites such as Alexa can give you a good start, but you will likely have to dig deeper into the habits of your audience before you can create a true ad profile between websites for your business. Fortunately, most websites are so niche oriented that it will be easy to find pockets of like-minded individuals. Once you have located these people, you will be able to focus your advertisements to them specifically.

Focused Ad Placement

A very important part of making every dollar count online is to advertise in slightly different ways on different websites. This is especially true if you are dealing with websites that focus on niches that are tangent to your business with complementary products.

You can maximize the effect of your advertisements by creating slightly different ads for all of the websites that you will market on. You can relate your product specifically to that niche without losing any value in your overall campaign. You can even use the same design, changing out a few keywords in order to appeal to a more narrow audience. Look into this so that you do not waste any ROI trying to generalize your ad campaign for no reason.

Overall, using the niche oriented culture of the modern Internet will help you to make every dollar count online. Be sure that you flow with the needs of your audience on the websites that you choose to market.

Photo Credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi