Content Marketing Podcast Series: Interview with Lisa Gansky

Editor’s Note: In this podcast, Bernie J Mitchell of Engaging People interviews Lisa Gansky. If you don’t know of Lisa, she is so worth knowing. She is a force of nature — passionate, funny, warm — a credit to the species. Her TED talk about the sharing economy was wonderful. Lisa is author of The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing. For many years, she has been focused on building companies — and disrupting the accepted ways of things. Her attention now is focused on sustainable ventures with positive social impact. Gansky currently serves as a Director of Dos Margaritas, an environmental foundation focused in Latin America. She is also the instigator behind the Mesh2013 sharing-economy conference, which starts on April 23, in San Francisco.


Bernie: “When talking with Lisa you feel she is a person who would generously make you soup in her kitchen and then offer you a shot of delicious aged tequila to wash it down.”

Emily, Yiannis and I really enjoyed the time we spent making this podcast, Lisa is smart, warm and a lot of fun. We listened for ages and there are many more sound-bites where this came from.

As well as the odd website and photo sharing app she sold to Kodak in the last century, Lisa has set up some amazing projects in Latin America and my beloved Argentina. She is a champion of co-working, and is always resisting the temptation to create another start up!

We are looking forward to meeting her in person at Mesh 2013 in San Francisco where we will be making more of a ruckus!

Big thanks for for sponsoring my trip to Mesh 2013!

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