Joining the collaborative Signs for Startup project

Social media is a powerful communication channel. It connects us with our customers, industry influencers, friends and perhaps most importantly, people we otherwise wouldn’t know.

Last week Garick, Nimble’s community manager, entered our company into a truly innovative project founded by Anne Reuss whom he met through social media.

The Signs for Startups Project

Anne is a social media lover, a startup supporter, a recent college graduate …and deaf. Anne just launched a project called Signs for Startups where she is asking representatives of startups to sign their company name in American Sign Language (ASL).

Garick took up Anne’s challenge and immediately created a fun video signing N-I-M-B-L-E.

Check out Anne’s project below where you can learn to sign other company names like Google, Twitter, Listly and Zaarly.

Now join in the fun by creating a short video signing the name of a startup you work for — or simply a startup you really like. If you thought Garick’s video for Nimble was good, sign something back to him!

(Just as an FYI, Anne is available for hire and would love to chat with any startup looking for a creative social marketer.)

Thank you Anne for creating this truly collaborative project. It showcases the powerful way social media can connect otherwise unconnected communities.