Is Your Business Ready For Change?

The concept of change always seems to be around us in our daily business and personal lives. Seasons change. Society and politics change. Clothing styles change. Food preferences change. And so much more to list regarding change. Somewhere I read there has been more innovative industrial, technical and medical change in the past 100 years than in all previous centuries put together. That is a lot of change in a compacted amount of time! The rapid changes continue on a daily basis. Happening so fast it may leave you with a feeling of not being able to keep pace with all the change occurring around you – especially in business.

Ask yourself:

  • How does change apply to my business?
  • Is my business ready for change?
  • Must my business change to remain competitive? If so, how?

If you’re starting to think about making a change to your business; that you want to do something different than you are now, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Why?
  • Why do I want to make a change?

There are many reasons why to go into business. To manifest a great idea. Serve a particular segment of customers. Have a more interesting life. But the bottom line as to why you are in business is: To make a profit. Without profit, the business cannot exist.

When thinking about change in your business…

  • Will it be change for the better?
  • What is the purpose for change?
  • How disruptive will the change be? For how long?
  • Is the change going to improve business results?
  • Is the change going to improve the lives of co-workers, customers, vendors and yourself?
  • Or is it change just for the sake of change?

Pause for a moment and think about these questions.

  • What’s the impact upon you; upon the business?

As a CEO, founder, entrepreneur or business owner, you need to be especially careful because many times a situation presents itself promoting the very newest, latest, and how it will be invaluable to your business and its success. Yet, upon further evaluation, it may not be.

The key is to make smart, calculated business decisions so your company won’t be left behind; but instead be at least 2 minutes ahead of the competition.

Don’t even consider change until you absolutely know why and what exactly you are changing.

If your business is working well and making a profit, then let’s improve what can be improved. Let’s look precisely at what is being done or not done in the company.

Keep asking: What is there to change?

There is a difference between the words: improving and changing. Improving means to “make or become better”. Changing means to “make or become different/take or use instead of” according to the dictionary.

If everything is essentially working well at your company then you don’t want to shake up the business by creating obvious disruption to the daily workflow. Why make things more challenging or difficult than they already are? Why create unneccesary surprises for customers and employees? You want to make sure the company is sailing along on a very smooth ocean of success.

But if things at your business are not going well, then maybe it is time for a change.

The question then becomes: How much change is really needed? Where/how best to start?

If you’re not…

  • making the money you want
  • are always under stress
  • are always putting out “fires” at your business

… then what changes do you have to make? How soon can those changes be implemented? You are in emergency mode but before making any changes: Stop. Think it through.

You can’t just run directly into the fire and start changing things. Ask yourself:

  • What are these changes going to mean, directly and indirectly?
  • What are the unintended consequences I haven’t thought about?
  • Will this make the business better or make it worse?
  • Will these changes empower co-workers, create happier customers or simply cause more stress?

As I always say: Business success begins with how you think.

How you think + the vision you have for the business is what’s important to your success. It’s also what will make any changes in your business more likely to succeed.

As a CEO, founder, entrepreneur or business owner, you need to sit down every single day and take time to think about business.

  • No interruptions.
  • No phone calls.
  • No text or emails.
  • Quiet space.
  • Start writing down whatever comes to the forefront of your mind. Most of it won’t be valuable. Maybe only an idea or two will be – and that will ultimately be significant to your business.
  • The goal is to open your mind up.
  • See what other people are doing – or not doing.
  • Look around. See what’s right with your business. See what’s not right with your business. Determine what need’s improved or modified; and what needs to change.

Once you start on a particular path of change, you usually can’t go back so you need to be comfortable with your business decisions. Be absolutely certain this is the right course of action for your business – and for you in leading the changes through to completion.

If you’re ready to improve your business…

If you’re ready to make changes in your business…

Be in ACTION! Make it HAPPEN!


To your success!