How My Internship with Nimble Made Me More Confident as a Marketer

This article was quite challenging for me to write. Summarizing three months of insightful knowledge into a couple of paragraphs is a challenge that I thought I would never take on. Nevertheless, thanks to my experience in a startup like Nimble, I have learned how to excel even when I am not in my comfort zone.

I had interviewed with Nimble for the Social Media and Influencer Marketing intern position. The title of the position, in fact, was the driving factor for me to apply for the role. Never before in all my years of applying to marketing positions did I ever see “Influencer Marketing” as part of the title. Nimble also provided the startup culture environment, which always seemed alluring to me.  

I was beaming with excitement on my first day. I was glad I wasn’t given typical intern work, like getting coffee or making copies (a fear that we all have as students!). I was treated as any other full-time employee and my duties reflected that.

nimble internship

The Nimble office is set up like an open neighborhood – everybody sits next to each other on a huge table. Even the CEO, Jon Ferrara, has an open-door policy. In fact, on my very first day, Jon introduced himself to me and welcomed me to the team. I didn’t expect this at all. Having the CEO come out to welcome an intern to the team is not a very common experience for interns. 

Another first for me was the amount of responsibility I was assigned. In just a few weeks after proving I could take on more work, I was researching for potential awards that can influence Nimble’s reputation, helping to design and craft email templates for Nimble’s partners, and editing videos. 

Perhaps my most challenging task came during the Microsoft Inspire conference. Since Nimble is heavily engaged with Influencer Marketing, the conference is seen as more than just an opportunity to network; it is seen as a goldmine of connections the Nimble team can create and cultivate. I worked on helping the team identify criteria to recognize the most influential people attending the conference. 

Additionally, this list was used in a Nimble blog article that encouraged conference attendees to follow these influencers ahead of Inspire. I also continued supporting the team’s presentations and networking sessions from the Santa Monica office. I realize now that Nimble’s collaborative culture proved to be a driving factor in us having a successful conference where Nimble signed with some of Microsoft’s biggest distributors.

I was lucky to get such a fantastic experience with a company that made me more confident as a marketer. I will always value everything I learned in my three months at Nimble;  I not only gained knowledge about my field but also gained a lot of invaluable lessons about hard work and career development.

To conclude, for the students reading this article, I invite you to consider interning with a startup. You will be trusted with meaningful work and build life-long connections who look out for you as a family.