Importance of Mobile BI for Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing

Mobile BI offers a comprehensive business analytics platform that consists of interactive analysis, smart visualizations, dashboards, and wholly functional enterprise reporting. With mobile apps for BI burgeoning nowadays, one can expect consistent business intelligence and analytics for all platforms.

Most vendors who deliver mobile BI through their integrated mobile apps carry on interactive visualizations that aid decision-makers to find information, gauge problem areas, and find answers right from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or the desktop.

Social media and Need of Business Intelligence

It’s hard to analyze the large data being pushed every day through social media; reaping business intelligence may sound like tedious and impossible. While every business manager knows the importance to leverage social media to market to keep their customers engaged, these managers would find it nearly impossible to measure the success of their marketing programs. Without a handy set of metrics, any investment in social media marketing would be difficult.

It is important for any business to illustrate the need for investment in business intelligence and analytics of their social media reach. The company will not spend time and resources if the decision-makers are not convinced on leveraging social media channels.

With the use of business intelligence applications, one can convince their managers to invest in Internet marketing and social media marketing to reach the target audience. Justifying the programs with particular results and leads can help businesses to achieve appropriate ROI.

Importance of mobile BI for making the most of the social media channels

Social media is a central component of market success nowadays for each and every industry. Since the focus is on marketing, advertising and market analysis, social media reach matters in more ways than one. To leverage it, one would also have to channelize smart mobility trends too since mobile is one of the biggest revolutions of today’s times. An intelligent mobility approach that integrates mobile apps with enterprises can build on analytics of social media channels too.

One can adjudge the various trends and patterns in customer buying behavior with the help of efficient mobile BI solutions. Even businesses can use a mobile BI solution to interpret activity feeds and analyze visits, clicks, and conversions. One can gauge the overall interest in a company activity by the user response through likes, shares, and tags coming from diverse demographics of participants. Analytics help in gauging the popularity of a product or service on the demographics.

Most of the structured data can be analyzed by integrating social media with efficient mobile BI tools, and thus conduct different analytical operations through drill down, filtering and other operations. Content sourced through social media is not structured, and hence it is essential for a business to apply semantic analytics for deriving an enormous amount of quantifiable data and get a real picture of the success of business. A combined structured and non-structured data mining approach for analysis can give comprehensive insight into the direction, trends and success of the intended social media campaigns.

How BI Features in Social Media Analysis

Every business needs to integrate their overall social media marketing strategy with offline marketing campaigns. The enterprise must make use of sponsored opportunities from search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and the like.

Although outreach and advertising sites will deliver valuable statistical information to boost the business prospects for the future and to understand customer response, it is essential for decision makers to get a consolidated view of statistics from diverse data sources. With the help of practical mobile BI solutions and mobile analytical apps, the data results can go beyond any statistical view for a complete snapshot view of results. The reports can feature a mix of advertising performance, and geographic customer response. The dominant features of mobile BI apps are designed to remain user-friendly so that the solution can deliver quick ROI, low TCO and fantastic user adoption ratio.

Every business can use key performance indicators (KPIs) and predictive analysis tools to reveal specific patterns and trends. Mobile BI apps can work well for devising future campaigns and determine program success too. The apps will help the business to collect and measure social media marketing results to target specific demographics.

Using mobile business intelligence solutions in the form of mobile apps is quite relevant today. These apps can help the company to leverage social media networks, and make use of SEO, social media marketing, and other Internet marketing techniques for boosting business. One can validate social media marketing trends and assumptions and thus achieve a competitive advantage over other companies.


For making use of Mobile BI for social media marketing, one can make use of analytics derived from the social media platform through varied ways. The mobile BI apps facilitate interactive dashboards, reports, interactive charts types and more.

With mobile BI centering on empowering decision-makers for creating and customizing analytics, business users can build and edit multi-dimensional analysis, and reports, right from their smartphone or tablet without the need to rely on a technical genius. Smart mobility in this respect, relies on personalizing the user experience for their business.