How Torque Uses Nimble and 366 Degrees to Drive New Business

Torque is a growing integrated digital marketing agency based in Chicago with 15 full-time employees. For 26 years, the company has been in the business of helping companies build, grow and sharpen their brands. Services range from strategy and planning, research, and analytics to content marketing and creative design.

The Challenge

Torque creates brand strategies and campaigns to grow their customers’ businesses, but the agency was searching for a tool to help them manage relationships in real, responsive ways in order to grow.

While the company used email and spreadsheets to keep track of relationships, and they did some modest email marketing, Torque founder and CMO Kevin Masi recognized they needed modern tools to foster leads and drive sales at scale. He set out to find a CRM solution that’s easily adopted, low risk and easy to implement to solve their marketing automation, relationship management, and sales enablement needs while also giving them a unified system of record.

The Solution

Torque’s needs were not overly sophisticated, so Kevin quickly ruled out expensive solutions such as Salesforce. Instead, based on peer recommendations, he found the right fit in Nimble. Nimble’s social media integration, data enrichment, and third-party integration capabilities made Nimble an easy choice.   

Nimble was appealing because of its open architecture and ability to integrate with other platforms, giving us a lot of options to scale our business,” explains Kevin.  

The Torque team integrates Nimble with email and marketing automation platform 366 Degrees for an end-to-end lead generation, pipeline management, and project onboarding solution.

The Nimble Experience

Combining Nimble with the marketing automation capabilities of 366 Degrees gives Torque a simple-but-powerful platform to drive new business. The ability to easily create and manage content, landing pages, and communication templates helped the team improve their prospecting efforts and lead capture.

Nimble unifies Torque’s contact records from all of their data sources, including Google contacts, Mac contacts, Outlook, and LinkedIn into a single, social system of record. Nimble updates records automatically, giving the entire staff an up-to-date view of each relationship.

With access to the history of conversations, social insights, and other profile information, the team has found Nimble to be invaluable. “We enter a few contact details and the entire record flushes out with business and social details automatically, uncovering information that we would have never taken the time to research if we had to do so by hand. Insights about prospects’ areas of interest and influence allow our team to connect more effectively and, ultimately, be more profitable,” notes Kevin.

The team uses Nimble’s custom fields to designate A-List prospects; tasks and reminders to stay top-of-mind with these prospects; scheduled tasks and reminders to follow-up and engage with them periodically; track responses in order to be responsive to one-on-one communications, and use Nimble’s pipeline manager to track the progress of deals.  

The team also loves the flexibility and convenience that Nimble’s Mobile CRM provides. Accessing profiles and researching new contacts while on the road is fast and easy. The ability to send templated emails right from the device and track engagement for immediate follow-up while on-the-go has significantly increased team productivity.

Torque found so much value in Nimble that they have now incorporated it into their solution offerings, providing Nimble as part of their services for clients that do not have CRM capabilities. Although the team works with various digital technologies, ease-of-use is key for adoption, which is why Nimble is such a great fit for Torque and their customers. “We’ve adopted Nimble, implemented it, and now we offer application deployment services, without a technical team. All because Nimble is so easy to use,” explains Kevin.

With a comprehensive relationship manager in place, Nimble has given Torque full visibility into their future growth.

Future Plans

Torque’s Nimble and 366 Degrees deployments will continue to evolve as they use additional functionality to automate more of their prospecting efforts to fuel growth.  

Nimble is a powerful way to tie together social and other channels in a flexible platform to manage relationships, store contact details, and track information in a manner that’s easy to retrieve. Nimble is a perfect fit for us and a pivotal part of our growth strategy,” concludes Kevin.