How to Grow Your Business without Spending a Dime on Marketing

EntrepreneurOnFire is an award-winning Podcast where John Lee Dumas chats with today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. Over the years (currently on episode #1796!), John’s had many amazing business leaders and professionals as his guests sharing their stories and best growth hacks.

This Sunday, the episode with our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara was released. Jon talked about how he got started in technology and sales and about how he was able to retire after selling his first company only to come back after ten years to launch Nimble. Here are some of the best (and tweetable) snippets from this interview.

[Tweet “”Most people ignore their best prospects and customers” ~ @Jon_Ferrara of @Nimble #Sales #Prospecting”]

[Tweet “”Your intention as a business owner should be to help other people grow” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble”]

[Tweet “”The biggest thing for businesses: just focusing on customers” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble #CRM“]

[Tweet “”A business should go after its customers’ influencers as well” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble #CRM”]

[Tweet “”Influencers are the people who bring you the deal” ~ @Jon_Ferrara of @Nimble #CRM”]

[Tweet “”The biggest cause of failure for a CRM is lack of use or bad data” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble #CRM”]

[Tweet “”Focus on helping other people grow and you will get every single dream you want” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble #CRM”]

[Tweet “”Don’t ignore your best prospects – use influencers to help you market your business” ~ @Jon_Ferrara | CEO of @Nimble #CRM”]

Listen to the whole episode here.