How To Create Viral Content Without Selling Your Soul

Who doesn’t want to go viral? Your content will be shared all around the world, and everyone will hear about what you have to say. However, there isn’t a formula to making sure your post goes viral, right? Wrong! Actually, you can give your content a push in the right direction. Here’s how you can make sure your content goes viral.

Don’t expect it to happen right away

Not all viral content will blow up overnight. Sometimes it keeps getting shared over and over, and it becomes the water cooler topic wherever you go. The goal is to get that post seen by as many people as possible. Whether it’s an explosion or a steady drip, it will get the job done. Be patient and you’ll get results.

Think about the style of your post

The style of post you use will be important. Readers want something that’s quick to read, but can impart a lot of useful information in that space. Listicles have become more and more popular as they can fulfil those jobs perfectly. Infographics are also great at this, as they’re highly entertaining but don’t take long to read. Saying that, in depth articles are also known to go viral. If they’re well thought out and researched, readers will love them.

Appeal to emotions

Ok, so how do you get readers to pay attention to what you have to say? Simply, you need to appeal to their emotions. An emotional reaction is a more visceral one, so that’s what you’re aiming for. Positive emotions are always more successful than negative ones, so that’s what you’re aiming for. That’s why a lot of viral content you see always has a happy bent, and focuses on the good things that happen in people’s lives. You want readers to see your content and want to spread the message of it around.

Be careful with your grammar

If your post contains grammatical errors, it can trip up people trying to read it. If they find it difficult, they’re not going to share it. Pay attention as you write and be aware of your use of grammar. If you struggle with getting it just right, there’s help out there you can use. You can consult with professional writers at Ox Essays, who can help hone your grammar until it’s perfect.

Teach your audience

When writing content, you want to teach your audience something, whether they’re aware they’re being taught or not. That’s why a lot of viral content focuses on ‘secrets’, or the ‘shocking truth’ that they’re about to uncover. You don’t have to be quite as bold as this, but keep these kinds of posts in mind. They promise the reader that they’re going to discover something new and exciting, and more importantly follow through on this.

Take advantage of a trend

Take a look at the most recent viral posts out there. Do they all follow a certain theme? That’s because they’re taking advantage of current trends to get their message across. In 2015, zombies were the newest thing in entertainment. Because of that, you would have seen a sharp upswing in posts about zombies around that time. Find out what’s popular, and leverage it if you can.

Consider hiring a professional

Crafting good content takes time and skill. In fact, it’s a full time job. If you can’t keep up with creating your own content, look into hiring a professional. They can take on those jobs and give you the quality you’re looking for. For written content, try using the writers at Boom Essays. If you need images created, there’s plenty available at Shutterstock.

Proofread and edit, always

As with anything that you write, you must always proofread and edit. These steps are often missed by writers trying to keep up with a new trend, but their work suffers for it and is seldom noticed. If you’re not sure about your own proofreading skills, or haven’t got the time, then try using a professional service such as Essayroo.

Be aware of the length of your posts

The length of your posts is more important than you think, especially if you’re posting on social media. If they’re too long, the reader will become bored and give up on it. If they do, they certainly aren’t going to share it. Check the length of your posts with Easy Word Count, which gives you a quick and accurate count for editing.

Encourage readers to get involved

Finally, make sure your readers can take part in what’s happening. They could take part in a quiz, or share their own experiences. Whatever it is, they’re more likely to share as they want to see their friends’ results, too.

Viral posts are an art, it’s just knowing how to create them. Get out there and make something worth sharing.