How Nimble Makes You More Agile

Since 1998, as IBM’s eVisionary, Mike Wittenstein has been designing and developing experiences that differentiate brands and deliver bottom-line results. He has recently interviewed our CEO Jon Ferrara. As Mike says: “Jon co-founded the pre-Facebook, pre-Internet, pre-LinkedIn CRM system called GoldMine. His motivation was to connect people at a more personal level—to let them build relationships that build real value. That’s still his mission at his newer company, Nimble. Their product is what many call the “world’s first social CRM.” More than a CRM, Nimble helps companies connect the tools, silos, and customer experiences that many find difficult. Its value goes way beyond CRM. It helps companies operate with greater agility”.

Jon is a big customer experience fan and Mike and Jon had the opportunity to chat in depth about how technology can help (or hurt) the customer experience.

Check out the full interview here.